Production of 'Ghostbusters' latest work will be decided, will be a sequel to the original two works

The latest work of the movie " Ghostbusters " will be produced, and a tooth movie has been released on YouTube. It is not a continuation of the reboot version released in 2016, but it will be a formal sequel to "Ghost Busters" and " Ghost Busters 2 " released in 1984 and 1989. Jason Lightman who is the son of Ivan Wrightman who oversees the succession series will be the director and will be released in the summer of 2020.

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You can see the published tooth movie from the following.

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The sky is covered with thick clouds, and the neighborhood is being swallowed up by the darkness of the night where even the light of the moon is not plugged in.

It floats in the dark is one old borough hut.

In the back of the hut where the mysteriously colored lightning bolt runs, something huge covered with a cover is placed.

It was the signature of Ghostbusters familiar with the ghost busters and the number plate of the car "ECTO - 1" on which Ghostbusters was on board when the cover was turned over by being overwhelmed by strong winds. The silhouette of the car looks like a 82 year old Cadillac that appeared in the original two works.

According to Entertainment Weekly of foreign media, the new work is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2020, shooting started from the first half of 2019. The director is in charge of "Ghost Busters" released in 1984 and Jason Lightman who is the son of Ivan · Lightman who supervised the "Ghostbusters 2" released in 1989, and is also writing a screenwriter. I used photograph sets and proton packs at that time.

by William Tung

"I thought that I was the first" Ghost Busters "fan in the world when I was 6 when I visited this shooting set, I thought that I would like to make a movie for all the other fans The new work is a continuation of 1 and 2. It is by no means a reboot work, "What happened in the 80's happened in the 80's, and set it to the present age," Jason Lightman commented doing.

Harold Lemis , one of the regular performers at "Ghost Busters" and "Ghost Busters 2", died in 2014. Although it is clearly asserted that the new work is "a sequel of the first and second works", it is not yet clear whether the original regular such as Bill · Murray or Dan Aykroyd will appear.

Also, Jason Lightman said about " Ghost Busters " rebooted in 2016 "I respect this work made by director Paul Fague and a wonderful actress, and from this a lot more stories However, this new movie traces the original movie track, "The Ghost Busters" universe is big enough to hold many different stories. "

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