Pon de Ring seriously finished by chocolate craftsmen 'Pont de Yoryoizuka Double Chocolat' etc. Chocolate Mister Donut Tasting Review

" Pon de Yoryoizuka " and " Crisp chocolat " jointly developed by Mr. Toshihiko Armuzuka , Japan's leading pastry chef, have appeared on Wednesday, January 9, 2019. Collaboration between the armor pizza chef and Mr. Donut is the second time in January 2018 , this time it is based on the Pon de Ring, the fabric hides the hazelnut flavor hidden, and the usual Mr. Donut As it seemed different, I bought it and ate it.

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Arrived at Mr. Donut.

Newly appeared are three new types of Pon de Ring series and what is called "Crisp chocolat".

So I bought it. Pon de Ring series in front and 2 crisp chocolat in the back.

From the left "Pont de Yoryoizuka · Caramel chocolat" "Pont de Yoryoizuka · White chocolat" "Pont de Yoryoizuka · Double chocolat"

First of all, I will try to eat from "Pon de Yoroizuka / Double Chocolat" (151 yen including tax).

"Pon de Yoryoizuka Double Chocolat" is a chocolate coated with 4% chocolate made from Ecuadorian cacao beans, with hazelnut flavor hidden chocolate fabric. What is being topped is a pistachio that is also a synonym of Chefzuka Chef.

When I tried it, the bitter taste and sweetness of the dark chocolate is adult flavor complemented by pistachio, surely it is a bit different finish with usual Mr. Donuts. I just can not feel the hazelnut flavor from the dough, it is said that it seems to be deeper than usual Pon de Ring fabric if so told. Although simple, I could taste the flavor and aroma of dark chocolate most ate ate this time.

Then "Pon de Yoroizuka · White chocolat" (183 yen including tax)

This is a cranberry topping on white chocolate.

Between the fabric and the fabric is ganache chocolate whipped using 3% cacao from Ecuador.

Pon de Ring fabric is modestly sweet, so you can feel chocolate feeling of chirpy ganache chocolate whip firmly ... ... but white chocolate is sweet like milk candy, so white chocolate is hanging The part almost tastes its taste. It was a finish as if two tastes were present separately in one donut.

Next is "Pon de Yoryoizuka · Caramel chocolat" (183 yen including tax)

This is a caramel whip is sandwiched between fabrics.

Because the same chocolate as "Pon de Yoryoisuka / Double Chocolat" is used, the flavor of dark chocolate is felt firmly, but the sweetness of caramel added to it increases the mellowness and dessertiness It was. One item that can satisfy sweetness desire while enjoying the flavor of dark chocolate. Praise walnut studded on chocolate was also a savory accent.

Subsequently, "Crisp Chocolate Double Chocolate" (216 yen including tax)

Compared to the iPhone SE with a total length of 123.8 mm, the height is about this. It is a mysterious shape that the top is popping out.

Crisp chocolat is a cloth made by overlaying almond cookie dough and chocolate bagel fabric. The layers are overlapping as many times as pie.

When I ate it, the inside is fluffy, but the exterior is crisp and it has a crispy texture like scented Danish. The fabric is cocoa felt but there is no bitterness, like a milk cocoa without sugar, "I have a sweet thing in there?" With eating, I have not found anything.

...... I thought that it was Ganash chocolate whip in the top part of the top. There is a volume as opposed to it, so it may be good when you are hungry.

The final is "Crisp Chocolat White Caramel" (216 yen including tax)

This is also the same as "Crisp Chocolat Double Chocolate". For white chocolate which was coated only with bittersweet chocolate, the white chocolate which was subjected to "Crisp Chocolat White Caramel" was sweet & milky, so it was one item farthest from the image of chocolate among the five new items . The compatibility of caramel whip & white chocolate milky and bittersweet dough was outstanding.

It was a good feeling that pizza walnut and pistachio added nuts' fragrance as an accent.

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