The 'misdo meets WITTAMER Vitamer Collection', which reproduces the cake of the well-established Belgian chocolate kingdom 'Vitamer', has appeared in Mister Donut, so I tried it.

Four kinds of donuts that reproduce the deliciousness of praline chocolate and cake of the Belgian royal warrant '

Wittamer' have appeared in Mister Donut from January 7, 2022 (Friday). I actually bought and tried to see what kind of donut tastes the royal warrant, which has a history of more than 100 years.

misdo meets WITTAMER Vitamer Collection | New Products | Mister Donut

So I bought it as a takeaway. The donuts are in a paper bag for the 'misdo meets WITTAMER Vitamer Collection'.

Opened. From the left, they are 'Chocolat Samba,' 'Chocolat Noisette,' 'Chocolat Caramel,' and 'Chocolat Miltille.'

The donut is about 7 cm in diameter.

Let's start with 'Chocolat Samba'.

On the surface of the donut that reproduces the cake of the same name, a glossy 'chocolate napage' and white chocolate are hung on it.

When I tried to eat it with my hands, the chocolate napage was soaked from the bottom of the donut, and it was difficult to eat without getting my hands dirty.

When I cut it, the cross section looks like this, and ganache cream and ganache whipped cream are sandwiched between the donut chocolate dough cut in the upper and lower halves.

When I tried it, the donuts were soaked with chocolate syrup-like chocolate napage, and the texture was quite moist, unlike the usual Mister Donut. With a finish that can be called 'doughnut pickled in syrup', it is ultimately for sweet parties. I understand that ganache cream and ganache whipped cream are also 'existent', but their presence seems to be drowned out in front of the sweetness of the syrup that comes with a bang. If you think that the sweeter the sweeter, the better the snack is, this is a must-try item.

Then 'Chocolat Noisette'

This is a donut chocolate dough sandwiched with hazelnut cream with graham and ganache whipped cream.

When I tried it, it wasn't in the official description, but the first impression was that it had the aroma of coffee and was 'tiramisu-like.' This is not soaked with chocolate napage, so you can directly feel the soft texture of the donut chocolate dough, which is a little cake-like. The crunchy texture of hazelnuts with graham is also nice. It is said that the cake '

Chocolat Noisette ' was reproduced, but it was certainly a donut, but it was as close to a cake as possible.

I also eat 'chocolate caramel'.

'Chocolate caramel' is based

on the image of praline chocolate 'mallow ', and it is said that caramel mocha cream and ganache cream are sandwiched between donut chocolate dough. Caramel mocha cream has a caramel flavor that gives you a sense of security that 'it's the usual Mister Donut ...'. You can enjoy both chocolate and caramel flavors in a well-balanced manner.

The surface is coated with caramel chocolate and has nuts on it. The contrast between the texture of the soft donut chocolate dough and the crispy texture of the nuts is good.

The last is 'Chocolat Miltille'

The donut that reproduces the praline chocolate of the same name is a donut chocolate dough coated with chocolate and sprinkled with Franboise-flavored flake chocolate.

Blueberry jam and ganache cream were sandwiched between the donut chocolate dough. Probably because it uses plenty of ganache cream, it has a crisp taste of 'chocolate richness' and 'blueberry jam sweet and sour' that the other three donuts do not have. It's sweet, but overall it's less sweet than other donuts. If you like the combination of chocolate and berries, it was a must-have item.

In addition, misdo meets WITTAMER Vitamer collection is 200 yen excluding tax.

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