I've been eating at 'Legendary Tote Bonnie' 'Tonkari Sumida Junkie Tang Fried Rice' that it is 'the Junk's Extreme'

New taste of " Sumitomi karate fried rice ", a classic menu of " Satami na Taru fried rice ", appeared for a limited time only from December 26, 2018 from " Deka Sumitomo no Tsunami Junkie karaage fried rice ". A dish that plenty of two kinds of special sauce to juicy fried chicken with punch of garlic was just "the extreme of junk", so I immediately went to a shop and ate it.

【Limited time limited】 12/26 (Wed) release ★ "Ogi Sotari Tatami Junkie karaage fried rice" | Legendary Sota Bon noodle / specialty bowl of shops 【Official site】

I came to the legendary Satabata shop.

At the shop front was a panel telling of the appearance of "Sumitomo Sumitomo Junkie Fried Chicken Rice". We will order orders immediately.

"Onigori Sumitomo Junkie karaage fried rice" (880 yen including tax) has been brought in about 5 to 6 minutes after placing an order. A spicy smell of chilli sauce is added from the dish.

White rice with Takuan as a set ......

Wakame miso soup comes along.

There are 8 deep-fried fried chicken and there are plenty of chopped onion on top. It is like this when comparing the size with transportation IC card.

A brown somewhat transparent source is "HOT chili sauce", and an orange source is " syracher sauce ". Syracher sauce is a chili sauce originating from the Thai Kingdom, which includes chillies, garlic, vinegar, salt, sugar etc. It is a seasoning which is rising in popularity not only in Thailand but also in the United States. It is said that the fried chicken is soaked in "special garlic garlic sauce sauce" in each store, but garlic is also included in chili sauce and syracher sauce, so it is exactly a garlic trio.

Under the fried chicken, sliced cabbage was spread.

As the concept of "Winter's" not tolerance of winter "", it is not easy to eat at a bite, but when you hang up on a large grain fried chicken, juicy gravy overflows and the punchy garlic smell hits the guns and respiratory tract I will.

Chilli sauce is simply chili pepper, the refreshing spicyness and slight acidity are well matched to the fragrant flavor of special sauce sauce sunk in the clothes. Mayonnaise is used for syracher sauce, as a needle sticks out from the rich body wrapped in a heavy knackle feeling, the spicy spirit pierces the tongue, so it is not only hot but also hot fried I finished it.

When I eat cabbage shakijaki between me, my mouth is refreshed, so it seemed to be able to eat deep-fried tofu many pieces.

"Ogonomori Sumitomo Junkie Tang Fried Rice" is offered at legendary bonito shops nationwide since December 26, 2018, with 880 yen including the Onishi (8 fried chicken), 880 yen including mini onigiri Fried chicken 6 pieces) is 800 yen including tax, Super demon prime (12 fried chicken) is 1080 yen including tax.

However, at the Nakano Shimbashi store, Mr. Mr. Takadanobabe store, Okachimachi store, Yono station front store, Higashi Yamatoni store, Fussa beehama shop, Hachioji Higashi Asakawa store, Ome riverside store, Diversity Tokyo Plaza shop, Ario Hashimoto store It is said that it is not provided, so be careful.

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