Intel and long-established e-sports league 'ESL' signed a sponsorship agreement of 10 billion yen for 3 years, e-sports is on par with the large-scale sports league

It is announced that Intel, a major semiconductor company, and the e-sports league " ESL " based in Cologne, Germany, have signed a huge sponsorship contract of 100 million dollars (about 11.3 billion yen) in 3 years. Intel has served as the main sponsor of ESL for 18 years, but it is said that this three-year contract will bring both parties into a new partner relationship.

Intel and ESL Extend Partnership to Invest $ 100 Million in Esports For Largest Brand and Tech Partnership in Esports History | ESLGaming

Intel signs 100 million dollar deal with esports company ESL

ESL was founded in 2000 as Electronic Sports League , one of the oldest e-sports leagues in the world. Intel has supported big events such as "Intel Extreme Masters" with its name and is the largest sponsoring company in ESL.

In this long-term contract, Intel will offer technologies that will become "core" such as high-performance processors to ESL at all levels, and will also be offering "5 G" technology which will be popular in the future. John Bonigni, vice president and general manager of virtual reality and gaming at Intel and vice president and general manager of e sports department, is quite proud that "I have played an important role in expanding e sports" in response to CNBC interview " "This long-term contract will create a longer-term and sustainable path in the e-sports industry," he says.

Mark Cohen, vice president of the Global Brand Partnership Division at ESL, hopes that a new dimension will be opened in the e-sports world where partnership with Intel will continue to expand rapidly. Cohen said, "Now, other major brands and traditional entertainment companies have begun to invest in e-sports, e-sports is becoming able to take approaches and strategies similar to traditional sports entertainment." I am talking.

According to a survey of e sports related market research firm "Newzoo", e sports is expected to be a market of 1.4 billion dollars (about 160 billion yen) in 2020. e Sports now boasts awareness to the presence of side by side with huge sports entertainment such as soccer, baseball, basketball and F1, making the presence as a new "sports" reliable.

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