Google's censored search engine will not be released 'at the moment'

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It is reported in August 2018 that Google is developing a search engine conforming to Chinese censorship system and CEO Thunder Pichai admitted in October. On December 11, 2018, CEO Pichai asked the American House of Representatives Hearings on Dragonfly, a search engine that had been retired in the company and announced until the statement of the opposition was announced within the company. "I do not have any plans to release search engines in China at this time," he said.

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Originally, Google received a big cyber attack from China in 2009, and against the "Do not Be Evil" long-time slogan of censored search engines, in 2010 China I withdrew the market. Again, the move to try to enter the Chinese market with the search engine with the censorship function has been criticized greatly from inside and outside the company, there are already researchers who quit Google, a statement from a group account of employees expressing the opposite It has been announced. Meanwhile, Pichai CEO mentioned that "this will be transparent" for this search engine and "I will consult with policy decision agencies before release in China"

More than 200 Google employees announced a statement to stop developing search engine with censored for China - GIGAZINE

And on December 11, 2018, CEO Thunder Pichai testified at the American House of Representatives hearing. Pichaie, who was asked about releasing search engines with censored features in China said, "At this time, we are not planning to release search engines in China."

Meanwhile, Pichaai, who was asked "Is it impossible to release censorship and surveillance tools in China as CEO?" Said, "As one of the most important things for us as a company, I We started a mission to provide information to users and we always think that we are "my duty" is to explore the possibility of providing information to users "answers in an ambiguous manner . "We were exploring what" If you release a search engine in a country like China? "" As we said earlier on this matter, we are very careful We will also be involved extensively with progress. " In other words, "Although search engines are not released in China at the moment", not all future possibilities are denied.

A lot of other questions were brought to the CEO at the hearing, and Steve King member told the grandchild about the pop-up of their photos and sentences when the grandchildren were using the iPhone, and Pichai CEO Congressman, iPhone is made by another company, so it was somewhat confused with that, that is ... ... ". What is displayed specifically on the iPhone is a mystery, but The Verge is an article that criticized King's member of racial discrimination and anti-immigration attitude at the time of the election, and if the notice arrived It is cheap.

Google's CEO had to remind Congress that Google does not make iPhones - The Verge

You can check the appearance of the question actually being done from the following movie.

Also, when asked "How do you classify information?" On the display of President Trump 's photo when you enter "idiot (fool)" in the search engine, "Newness of information, reasonable It is ranking based on the signal, such as popularity, how other people use that information. " Is not someone manipulating information behind the scenes? In response to the question "There is no manual intervention" is answered.

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Have you ever punished an employee as manipulating search results so far? When asked "It is impossible for one employee to do such a thing in the first place."

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