An application 'Spellmaster' appeared shortly after an object written in English in a magic team is summoned

Write your favorite words in English, such as "APPLE" "PENCIL" "COMPUTER" in the magic team, start up the smartphone application and shoot the magic team with the camera, the one drawn from the magic team is summoned ... ... AR application " SPELL MASTER spellmaster " is being developed. The appearance that I actually used has been released in movies, and it is a perfection degree with a dream.


You can see what the application is like by seeing the following movie.

English is magical! What? "SPELL MASTER (Spell Master)" PV - YouTube

English words are written in crisp and notebooks.

"Studying English is absolutely difficult, as if it sounds like a spell ..."

I took out an envelope written as "SPELL MASTER Magic Squad Seat".

The magic square seat that came out looks like this.

I write English words.

Launch the application.

When turning the camera of the smartphone towards the magic team ......

The written word "APPLE" pops out.

Atmospheric atmosphere.

And ...

Apples appeared from the magic team.

The apple rises above the magic team.


Because Google Poly API supports every English word, various objects such as pen, camera, computer, etc will appear besides apple.

The movie of the person who actually experienced the application.

Written in the magic team is the character of "ORANGE".

Launch the application and catch it with a smartphone camera ......

What came out ......

It was a Darum why.

According to the Twitter post of the manufacturing manufacturing unit " KATAKOTO " which produced the application, since the search is done in real time, written English words seem to be summoned something unexpected.

Other than this, maildrops ......

I have also succeeded in summoning the devil.

Why did Dharma emerge? To the question, is it a single jacket called " * ~ Asterisk ~ " of ORANGE RANGE? There was also a voice.

The above movie was taken at the exhibition held at Roppongi Hills, and it is said that free iOS application and Android application are being prepared at the time of article creation.

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