We have eaten 'Freshness Burger' with 'Classic Avocado Bacon Cheese Burger' with high awareness of health and Avocado & Low sugar Buns and Super food soup 'Kale & Coconut Soup'

"Freshness Burger" Classic Avocado Bacon Cheese Burger "" Kale & Coconut Soup "appeared for a limited time from December 5, 2018. In addition to the low-sugar buns, the two new products are said to be the concept of "cheering health" using plenty of kale and avocado called coconut milk, low-sugar vegetable cauliflower, "super food", and so on. There are things that you can not expect from the taste of "healthy" food, but what is the freshness new burger like? So I actually ate it.

"Low sugar" "Healthy fat" "Super food" full of topical health-conscious! [Health support] with aflac release of tie-up menu
(PDF) http://www.colowide.co.jp/datafile_new/pr_news_pdf_file_154406082803.pdf

Arrived at Freshness Burger.

There was a banner on store that appealed the "Classic Avocado Bacon Cheese Burger" and "Kale & Coconut Soup".

" Classic Avocado Bacon Cheese Burger " (750 yen without tax) and " Kale & Coconut Soup " (350 yen tax excluded) were offered in about 3 minutes after ordering. There is only a "health support" tie-up menu, and green has become a large menu.

Classic avocado Bacon cheeseburger is like this, with plenty of volume.

"Because it is" health support ", I guess it is probably only vegetables ..." I thought that there was a classic patty of quarter pound (about 113 g) using 100% glassfed beef from Australia, meat also had a big impact . Plenty of avocados are on top of Patti.

So I decided to eat it actually. I feel the weight that I made as a result of lifting up.

With dietary fiber and vitamin E plenty (PDF file) Avocado that blood becomes smooth , was plentifully contained in classic avocado bacon cheeseburger. The taste of classic patty and bacon of quarter pound with accent of red cheddar cheese and strong chewing of onion supporting Patty are impressive. Although it is said that we are using "low sugar buns" with 50% of carbohydrates compared to goba-buns, we are eating and not feeling any difference from ordinary buns, "If all the low-sugar buns are good I think that it is? Indeed, with a freshness burgers adding 50 yen, all burgers can be changed to low sugar buns.

I decided to drink Kale & coconut soup. It uses a lot of kale which is often used for blue juice, but it is slightly whiter color, unlike coconut milk or blue juice.

When I actually drank it, there was little bitterness of kale and it was a mellow taste that doubted as to whether butter was contained. The unique taste of coconut is not strong, it is quite easy to drink. Kale is abundant in vitamins and minerals, and coconut milk is effective for anti-aging and beautiful skin due to its strong antioxidant effect, promoting fat burning. Both Kale and Coconut are attracting attention as superfood of encouraging healthy people and are recommended for health conscious people.

Also, as a tie-up menu with Aflac, "Health Support Scratch Campaign" won a discount coupon that can be used from next time was also underway.

"Classic Avocado Bacon Cheese Burger" and "Kale & Coconut Soup" appeared on December 5, 2018 with freshness burger nationwide except for the following shops.

◆ "Classic Avocado Bacon Cheese Burger" Not covered shop list · Jungle cafe shop · Higashiyama zoo and botanical garden ZOOASIS shop · Yokohama stadium shop · Kyocera Dome Osaka shop · Fukuoka Yahoo auction store · Jingu Stadium shop · Sakaii Premium outlet shop · Sano premium · Outlet store

◆ "Kale & Coconut Soup" Not covered shop list · Jungle cafe shop · Higashiyama zoo and botanical gardens ZOOASIS shop · Yokohama stadium shop · Kyocera Dome Osaka shop · Fukuoka Yahoo auction store · Jingu Stadium store

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