NVIDIA Announces Open Source of Physics Engine 'PhysX'

by NVIDIA Corporation

NVIDIA , America's leading semiconductor maker, develops and provides not only GPUs and SoCs , but also PhysX , which is a physical operation engine that can be used for game development and others. NVIDIA announced "to open source the PhysX".

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In 2008 NVIDIA acquired Ageia , a semiconductor manufacturer that was developing PhysX and PhysX SDK, and since that time NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA and parallel computing platform of PhysX are closely related for over 10 years I will.

NVIDIA announced on December 20, 2018 to release PhysX SDK 4.0 which is the latest version of PhysX SDK. In addition, on December 3, 2018, PhysX was made open source, and PhysX SDK 3.4 was released at GitHub at the beginning. This allows developers to freely access the source code of PhysX SDK 3.4, debug, customize, and extend.

PhysX is generally used for real-time physical computation such as games, but this time NVIDIA decided to open source is to be used not only for games but also for scientific and technological calculations. "We made the PhysX SDK open source because we want to have a sophisticated physical computing engine used not only for games but also for more important fields such as AI, robots, automatic driving cars," NVIDIA I have commented on it.

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