Amazon's 3D game engine 'Lumberyard' announced to be open source

It was announced that the 3D game engine '

Amazon Lumberyard ' that Amazon has been developing since 2016 will be open sourced as 'Open 3D Engine'. Along with this, the Linux Foundation , a non-profit technology consortium, has collaborated with more than 20 companies and organizations to launch the Open 3D Foundation, an organization that manages the Open 3D Engine.

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Lumberyard, a 3D game engine announced by Amazon in 2016, is based on the game engine ' CryEngine ' developed by German game development company Crytek. It was integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) , a cloud computing service, and Twitch , a live game service, and it was possible to use it for free without any royalties other than the AWS usage fee.

Amazon announces 'Amazon Lumberyard', a CryEngine-based game engine with free game commentary function --GIGAZINE

And on July 6, 2021, Amazon announced that it would open source Lumberyard. Lumberyard will be renamed 'Open 3D Engine' and will be managed by an organization called 'Open 3D Foundation' established by the Linux Foundation with more than 20 companies and institutions.

'The Linux Foundation is one of the best organizations on the planet in managing large open source projects,' Amazon said in a blog post. Founding members of the Open 3D Foundation include Accelbyte , Adobe , Apocalypse Studios , Audiokinetic , , Carbonated , Futurewei , GAMEPOCH , Genvid Technologies , Hadean , Huawei , HERE Technologies , Intel, and the International Game Developers Association. )Kythera AINianticOpen RoboticsPopcornFXRed HatRochester Institute of TechnologySideFXTafiTLM PartnersWargaming , etc. Is included.

The Linux Foundation said in a statement on July 6, 'The Open 3D Foundation will support open source projects that improve capabilities related to 3D graphics, rendering, authoring , and development. As the first project managed by the new Foundation, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers an updated version of the Amazon Lumberyard game engine as Open 3D Engine (O3DE). '

The Open 3D Engine is available under the Apache 2.0 license and can be used for free commercial use, modified, duplicated, embedded in apps, and more. In addition, when releasing Lumberyard as an Open 3D Engine, updates such as improvement of the front end interface and speeding up of operation were also made.

'We are proud to provide the 3D development community with a smooth, AAA-titled real-time 3D engine,' said Bill Vass, AWS Vice President of Engineering. It's the industry's widest range of 3D authoring tools, including the latest game hardware and a new photorealistic renderer built for distributed cloud rendering. ”“ As Linux did for the OS and Apache for the web, We believe that creating first-class community-driven open source options will revolutionize real-time 3D development. '

Chris Aniszczyk, CTO of the Linux Foundation, said, 'The new Open 3D Foundation is a major AAA-class 3D engine for game and engine developers that has long been maintained by the global open source community. It provides an opportunity to influence direction. '

A developer preview of the Open 3D Engine is available on GitHub.

GitHub --o3de / o3de: Source for fully featured AAA Open 3D Engine

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