A beautiful super slow movie that punches 7 color rainbow jelly with tennis racket

A movie that shoots the state of being broken when using a super high speed camera of 12,500 frames per second and hitting 7 color jelly with a tennis racket has been released.

Rainbow Jelly Tennis - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

The movie was released by The Slow Mo Guys who is popular as YouTuber of Super Slow Movie. As usual the combination of Gavin (left) and Dan (right) will unfold with a happening feeling.

Two people prepared for this movie is a special rainbow jelly that was color-coded into seven colors.

It seems that they prepared handmade over a week for this shoot a week.

Camera used for shooting Phantom v2640 is an ultra high speed camera that can record 12,500 pictures per second in full HD picture quality.

Start shooting with a white cloth hanging on the background. Container with jelly in one hand, Dan with racket on the other hand swings racquet deftly ....

At the moment of hit, Rainbow Jelly transformed into countless thin jelly.

It is a thrill to the "worm" of the simulated bait used for bait of fishing.

Sometimes it fails, hitting the frame of the racket will also split the jelly like this.

These seem to be destroyed pretty beautifully, but the position of the light source is very subtle, the jelly shine is not good.

So I decided to change the position of the camera and take a picture in backlighting.

I succeeded in capturing the moment of destruction of superb jelly. The racket approaches the rainbow jelly that fell from the top ... ...

At the moment of the hit, the jelly is cut thinly by the strings of the racket, splitting by splashing the splash.

With the state of backlighting, the sun's light gloriously emerges the color of jelly brilliantly.

The thing that succeeded in photography was that it was the last one of 12 handmade rainbow jelly prepared. Although it was deployment of usual fluttering, it seems that this time also accomplished mission brilliantly.

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