Headline news on November 29, 2018

Puppet animation movie " Chiari and Cherry " released in February 2016 was decided to be released nationwide on ion cinema from Friday 15 February 2019.

Notice of the movie "Chiari and Cherry" nationwide release decision | Movie Chiri and Cherry Official Blog

Chie Yori Hoshino who is acting as a singer / actor as a stuffed animal · cherry found by Norimasa Takamori, "Norikazu Makikawa" and "Another" Namizaki Namizaki, "Idol Master Cinderella Girls" is responsible for the role of the hero / chihiro. Cherry's character design is handled by Leonid Schwarzmann who is also a creator of "Cheburashka".

In addition, since "go to Cheburashka zoo" which is not made into visual software is also shown simultaneously, please take advantage of this opportunity to taste the cuteness of the puppets at the theater.

Movie "Chiari and Cherry" Trailer - YouTube

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

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16: Wind blowing if nothing 2018/11/29 (Thurs) 14: 25: 57.07 ID: s6Az2Ye + 0 NIKU
If you completely banned it, yeah yan
I was leaking information since I was inside the team Kuroda I'm keeping like Ikoi Sansupo

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(PDF file) [Tasty TKG (Truffle Kakugo) with Gust! 】 Arrange with your favorite dish Infinity large black truffle entertainment source ※ 1 let's enjoy "infinite truffle"!

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