Headline news on 6th December 2018

" This year's new word 2018 " which Sanseido's "dictionary knitting person" that publishes four dictionaries "Sanseido dictionary of Korean dictionary" "Shinjuku language dictionary" "Daijirin" "Sanseido contemporary New Japanese language dictionary" is announced It was.

Decide the best 10! | "New word 2018 of this year" chosen by people knitting Sanseido dictionary

This time, "Presence" was chosen for the grand prize that the presence of " 忖 degrees " chosen as the grand prize in "New Year 2017 of the Year" was too big to do. Although there was already the form of "Instant film" "SNS shine", the part of "shine (bae)" stands for noun "Bae", verb "Bae", and adjective verb "Ba Ya na 0" It penetrated in shape.

"Moyaru" who entered second place is a word expressing negative feelings euphemically. He said that he ranked in the form of synonyms such as "doing misty", "finally doing it" and "watching".

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Schedule of skillful schedule that makes it possible to realize the operation density at the morning rush centering on the Yamanote Line Movie - GIGAZINE

What is important to succeed "eight things to be done by 8 o'clock in the morning"? - GIGAZINE

Voice changer application "Riachen voice ~ Jurassic version" review that will convert to real voice voice of popular voice actor review - GIGAZINE

Humans control the communication between the left and right brains and found out the possibility of realizing "multitasking brain" - GIGAZINE

Giving punishment when scolding children is a "waste of time" and psychological psychologists argue - GIGAZINE

What if MacDonald makes a promotional video like Apple? - GIGAZINE

Mosquitoes resistant to malaria parasite in genome editing are born, possibility to be decisive for overcoming malaria - GIGAZINE

Hakka Doll "which caused a chemical reaction of miracles with beauty girl characters and news I digged the secret story and heard leaves digging - GIGAZINE

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Developed stronger than the thread of the world's strongest yarn spider Kowa, etc. strongly - Mainichi Newspaper

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"I thought Japanese halloween will not be caught crazy." | NHK News

A foreign truck who overturned the car in a case where youths overturned a light truck in Tokyo Shibuya immediately before Halloween, asked a foreigner who overturned the car, "If Japan's Halloween is crazy and it makes a noise, I thought it was talking to the investigators concerned that it was speaking.

Four people arrested in Shibuya Halloween truck overturning, the method of identifying the criminal ... TBS NEWS

About 40,000 people gathered in Shibuya on that day. It was a distant investigation that the Metropolitan Police Department named the "crazy · Halloween" that distinguished suspect from among them. The Metropolitan Police Department analyzed videos taken with smartphones and about 250 security cameras. We analyzed each security cameras from the rollover site of the light truck by relay system and chased the suspects photographed in the camera to home.

Skull for drawing, Also noticed "authentic" 20 years Notice: Asahi Shimbun Digital

In the prefectural Konan high school in Kagoshima city, it was learned from the interview with the same school and the city that the skull which was used for drawing in the art class was a female human bone. I can not identify my identity. The city is posting it in the Official Gazette on Friday as "a deceased man who traveled as a line" without a collector, and is requesting information to be provided.

Two US military forces in Japan to contact and crash search off the coast of Kochi prefecture Continue search | NHK News

In fact, "Multipurpose operational escort ship" de facto carrier averse, avoidance of criticism: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The ruling coalition working team (WT) on the National Defense Program Outline (Defense Outline), which the government revised at the end of the year, announced on Friday that the de facto "aircraft carrier" to rehabilitate the Izumo-type destroyer of the Maritime Self-Defense Force , It was agreed to call it "a versatile operational escort ship". In the future, we will coordinate within the government and the ruling party in a direction to use this designation. According to the constitution, "attacking aircraft carrier" can not possess possession, aims to avoid criticism.

I do not raise prices because "I do not understand" Bank of Japan Vice President: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Milk thinly lacking in game ... Mother of abandoned lethal: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Gone case, if it keeps going, Japan is called a "lawless state" Ali (Itoh Hiroshi) | Modern business | Kodansha (1/3)

Foreign Trainee 69 Death in Three Years Ministry of Justice "Do not Understand Content" - Kyodo News | This kiji is

Reduce upper limit of overtime hours in doctor shortage area Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare proposed: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Opposition attacks against constitutional voting = experts at the LDP 'Ginnan': current affairs dot com

"Security cameras" that generate false charges, indignant false charges "Extracted out conveniently and confounded" - Attorney Dot Com

Prime Minister "Committee tomorrow, get out two hours and get confused questions": Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Communication failure in cellular phone service (as of 4 pm on December 6 th) | Mobile | Softbank

(Date and time of occurrence)
Around 1:39 pm on Thursday, December 6, 2018

(Affected area)


When I upgraded my wife's PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10, it was hard to use it so it was cheated so I decided to use Linux | IIJ Engineers Blog

My wife, who was dissatisfied with Windows 10, said "I can not update it without permission, it works crispy, it is convenient and familiar looking!" The so-called look and feel is important. If you say Linux, you may have an image that you can not use it unless you remember the command, but in recent years desktop it is not such a thing! My wife is also using mouse only.

Child pornographic video posting on blog service "Tumbler", arrested by Aichi prefectural high teacher Kyoto Prefectural Police - Mainichi Newspaper

Technical Selection of Web Front End at Yahoo Japan Corporation - Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Blog

Work has increased when I made a technical doujinshi and sold it! | Miscellaneous | note

【Introduction to the latest mount adapter for mirrorless users】 Full size edition: Introducing 'Smart adapter' with AF and camera shake correction working - Digital camera Watch

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TV anime "Bet Keegui xx" Chapter 2 PV - YouTube

"Game Productivity" - Togetter

"Winning Post 9" Tither image - YouTube

"Dragon Quest Builders 2 Destroyed God Sidoo and the Empty Island" Promotion Video - YouTube

"THE LAST REMNANT Remastered" Launch Trailer - YouTube

"Just Causes 4" Launch Trailer - YouTube

"Capcom Belt Action Collection" Launch Trailer - YouTube

Nintendo Switch "Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch ~ Shonen!" Hikakin Cole Lab CM + Promotion Video - YouTube

Nintendo Switch "Virion Road" 2nd PV - YouTube

"Steel rats" launch trailer - YouTube

Episode 71 Filter function | It is increasingly understood with manga! Fate / Grand Order

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Kubota and others who bited Emiko Uenuma "I can not criticize ..." and former M-1 finalist | Nikkan SPA!

What J PRIDE: 【The source is not Sanspo】 The decision to enter Hanshin, West decides to transfer to Hanshin

723: Wind blowing If no wind 2018/12/06 (Thursday) 10: 07: 57.54 ID: KJ7gL0FD0
What will become of the west entrance of the tiger when entering a tiger?

742: Wind blowing if nothing 2018/12/06 (Thursday) 10: 08: 52.23 ID: RRLv3rQv0
>> 723
(God) will be titled

What J PRIDE: 【M-1】 Emiko Uenuma, I was angry hearty after all

32: Wind blowing if nothing 2018/12/6 (Thursday) 10: 28: 29.72 ID: oqr8UGcD0
There are also impressions on celebrities who chew on Twitter
I was told I was feeling sick, but I got angry when I was told I was like a small recent trend like a man

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"Potato chips" to "show up" appears! "Potato Chips Lovely Cheese" delivered to everyone who loves cheese December 10 (Monday) New release with convenience store only!

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