Headline news on 1 December 2016

ASUS adopts a 6.8-inch large screen smartphone "ZenFone 3 Ultra (ZU 680 KL)We will release it on 9th December 2016 (Friday).

ZenFone 3 Ultra has the largest liquid crystal display even in the ZenFone 3 series called 6.8 inches (1920 × 1080). The size is 186.4 mm in length × 93.9 mm in width × 6.8 mm in thickness and weighs 233 g. SoC is Snapdragon 652 (8 cores 1.8 GHz), memory is 4 GB, storage is 32 GB. In the SIM free terminal, the corresponding LTE band is FDD-LTE B 1 / B 3 / B 5 / B 7 / B 8 / B 18 / B 19 / B 20 / B 26 / B 28, TD-LTE B 38 / B 40 / B 41. It also supports 4G / 3G simultaneous standby (DSDS) with VoLTE and 2 SIM cards.

Rear camera with 23 million pixels is TriTech autofocus corresponding to laser AF, image phase retardation AF, continuous AF, with optical and electronic image stabilization function. It is also possible to shoot 4K movies. The color is gray, rose gold, silver three colors. The estimated actual selling price is 59,800 yen (excluding tax).

In addition, UQ mobile has announced that ZenFone 3 Ultra will be added to the lineup as soon as possible.

UQ mobile, handling 6.8-inch large screen ZenFone ™ 3 Ultra! | UQ WiMAX | ultra high speed mobile internet WiMAX 2 +

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

"Annual income map of households" that you can see at a glance which households have annual income "less than 3 million yen" or "10 million yen or more" in many areas - GIGAZINE

Strong instantaneous adhesive talks about assemble nuclear weapons and treat soldiers beyond "glue" - GIGAZINE

List of items sold most by 2015 in Amazon in Japan, a summary list by category for each item - GIGAZINE

Reason why iPad Pro can not replace laptops yet - GIGAZINE

"Designer's New Year's cards" that can get a large amount of New Year's card material which can be modified free of charge - GIGAZINE

"CCleaner" which makes terminal operation easier by deleting unnecessary data of PC and software at once - GIGAZINE

What is the way of thinking towards a society created by "Puah Suzuki" generation spreading globally - GIGAZINE

Can also torture parents, LEGO concentration camp - GIGAZINE

Ten Great Misunderstandings on Energy and Power Generation - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Smokers under 50 years, Heart attack risk 8 times as much as an English research photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

Cell "Reset" Against ES Cell to Large Team Succeeded: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A team of Kwansei Yuki of the Kwansei Gakuin Univ. (Embryology) team said that they have succeeded in resetting ES cells again from a state in which the ES cells of the universal cells changed into another cells, It will be announced to American Science Journal Stem Cell Reports. Application of this technology leads to the production of high-quality iPS cells.

An endangered gigantic fish, signs of recovery "violation of fishery" voice | National Geographic Japan version site

"There are many fishing grounds where nothing can be caught now." Captain of a small fishing boat, said Blythe Bar of Key West Fisheries Union Chief. "I will take away every single fish on the hook, and the sound of the approaching fishing boat is a signal for dinner for them."

Itayara said that she also eats small fish such as spider mackerel and grouper gathered in Florida coral reefs, and these fish are drastically decreasing.

"Most of the fishery officials say they should exclude Itayara because they are over protected thanks to Itayara, who stands at the top of the food chain, other fishes I have been eaten one by one. "

Shocking shoots of the canopies of the leopard, South Africa | National Geographic Japan version site

Even then to the researchers | Taro Kono Official Site of the House of Representatives

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Korea ruling party "Park retreat in April and June presidential election" agreement: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Mr. Trump "Withdraw completely from business" ... With Twitter: International: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Football = Brazil team boarding plane crashes, cause is fuel out | Reuters

Colombian Parliament approves the New Peace agreement Acts in the civil war of 52 years | Reuters

Acceptance of digital textbooks, the basis is paper ... expert conference: politics: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Receipt of political expense expenses, open to the public Kagoshima city council: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Dementia Risk Associated with License Return of Elderly Doctor "Driving is Brain Training" │NEWS Post Seven

However, in these movements, there are sides which are not told. That is "health risk of the elderly with license return". Associate professor Itami Ito of Yamanashi University Graduate School of Integrated Studies.

"Driving a car gives a considerable stimulation to the brain, so to speak, it is becoming a" brain train. "When operating the steering wheel, handle and judge a lot of information within a short time such as the situation of a road or a pedestrian I have to move.The brain is rotated fully because there is a fear that accident happens if you make a mistake in one judgment.

Actually measuring the activity of the brain during driving simulator operation often shows that even in the 80's, the activity increases as much as a young person during driving. If you stop suddenly the custom of such "brain train", there is a danger that cognitive abilities will go down at once. "

Mr. Ito continues that there is a possibility that the function of the brain may likewise be reduced if actions such as shopping, going to a hospital, meeting a friend, etc. are stopped at a stroke by stopping driving.

68-year-old man suspected of kidnapping in North Korea, confirmed living in Japan About 30 years ago, missing, Metropolitan Police Department - Sankei news

Aiko, Masako's batting guidance Full text: Asahi Shimbun Digital

At the Ball Society held in late April, we chose softballs from multiple competitions just like last year. His Highness served as the leader of the team and practiced eagerly with his teammates at lunch break and after school. Also, even after returning home from school, practicing with the staff every day with a staff member in the Akasaka prefecture, he got a catch ball with his two highlights, and received batting instructions from his husband. The game was played in the class competition by the second and third graders in the secondary class, and the team of the class to which His Highness Prince His Majesty belongs won the game in three consecutive games and won the race until the final game, but in the final game the same After a close battle against the team of the second grade third graders, it was a bad day for me to win the second prize. In the game, His Highness Prince Emperor demonstrated the outcome of practice through attacks, such as hitting several hits and striking points, making a solid defense.

Calendar: A net gold calendar of 125 million yen released - Mainichi Shimbun

[Core of shock incident] "Death from overwork" Strong black company is not enough! Is it? A death insurance benefit to the employee Over 100 million yen shot dead in Manila Judge to assert "innocent" execution ... (1/4 page) - Sankei WEST

【Extra pardon disapproval by Akira Ruhyo】 Naoto Kan's behavior is to judge radiation damage without the grounds leading to harmful rumors of Fukushima ... (1/3 page) - Sankei News

Actress, hundreds of contacts to smartphone contact ... Nikkei Employees of Arrest: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

CNN.co.jp: Big Mac's creator, M. Deligatti dies 98 years old

CIA releases numerous historical "confidential maps" | National Geographic Japan version site

Sompo Japan incorrectly collects car insurance fee | NHK News

US Phillip · Morris, withdrawal of future tobacco sales also moves to electronic cigarette | Reuters

Promotion of free education up to the private university to the House of Representatives election pledge | NHK News

Sexual Abuse from Father: Daughter Reducing Light Petition Not Admitted Osaka District Court - Mainichi Newspaper

Prison (Patrick · Harlan) | Column | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Mr. Trump declares full withdrawal from the business Concerned about conflict of interest One photo 1 International International News: AFPBB News

Drive recorder adequate management = ASKA suspects video leakage - Ministry of Land and Infrastructure: current affairs dot com

Snowboarding in the desert? "Sambo is" Egypt - Reading and looking at photos - Sanmi photo

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Biodiversity-rich cities are ... 1st in Osaka · Nose etc.: Asahi Shimbun Digital

As a result, the top ranking in the ranking that assessed the richness of biodiversity, etc. was Nose Town which conserves the rare butterfly waters where the rare butterfly such as "Hiroobi Midorishigimi" and so on, Motegi Town, Tochigi prefecture Prefecture Nasu Town, Ena City, Gifu Prefecture, Inagawa Town, Hyogo Prefecture Inaba Town, Uda City, Nara Prefecture, Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

The first place in the assessment of efforts to conserve biodiversity by local governments was to revive the wetlands "Todakahara" which was a treasure house of wildlife, in addition to Toda City, which is engaged in nature restoration, Kawasaki City, Kobe City and Hyogo Prefecture Itami City.

The deviation value is over 60! Why ultra-high educated women are hard to live? | PRESIDENT ONLINE | PRESIDENT Online

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Trump "Yokohama no Tatemachi" is a mini picture book.

A journalist appealed if I wrote a book accusing "UNIQLO is black" this time I worked for a year and wrote an interview covering topics - Togetter Summary

UNESCO intangible cultural heritage registration pleasure spread | NHK News

As UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage that protects the world's traditional culture, 33 festivals throughout the country where mountain cars appeared are decided to be registered "mountains, hokoku, stall events", and joy is spreading in each locality.

42 years old "The brain has broken" After the reporter's work? Until I accept the obstacle (Daisuke Suzuki) | Modern business | Kodansha (1/4)

This book is amazing! 2016: Sugo book I do not know, surely you are reading

What I want you to know before discussing with Singapore's maid as a slave! - Also covered in Singapore today

Chikirin "When I was in college, I studied socializing with a part-time job by wearing a boring lesson, I wandered abroad with the money and knew the world." - Togetter Summary

Does this country intend to abandon the old man? Bomb dropped to exhausted nursing care workplace (Nakamura Atsuhiko) | Modern business | Kodansha (1/3)

The person who laughs at the end is a person with "grit": Nikkei Business Online

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Does Sugar need "roasted beans · sake and need" from Niigata Prefecture?

"Self-reliance" that has pushed social contracts and commercial transactions can not be happy - Polar bear waste basket

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It became "almost Japan Day". - Nearly daily Itoi newspaper

Since the establishment of the company, for a long time
I have been operating as "Tokyo Itsoi Shigiri Office"
As of December 1, 2016,
We will change the company name "almost Japan Day Co., Ltd.".
("Almost a day" reads as "almost like")
Logos etc are now being made.
Thank you very much in the future.

Gourmet: Clerk disappears from McDonald's!? High-tech order system using self-registration & applications will expand worldwide - Mainichi Newspaper

3rd quarter of 2016 announced actual value of domestic mobile phone · smart phone market

Third quarter of 2016 announced domestic tablet market actual value

DeNA, proprietary manual showing Request for publication Discontinuation site: Asahi Shimbun Digital

'4K · 8K' test broadcast, commercial launch also the first video is train: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Watanabe Miki Akira, "Irrespective of machine tone" for unauthorized access damage - Performing Arts: Nikkan Sports

Watanabe said on 1st, Instagram, "Thank you so much for worrying about unauthorized access" and said, "I was not saving images etc. in iCloud because of machine tone, so the police station is very much I am reassuring, I am very kind! "I reported the situation.

The increasing number of display terminals, which will become standard? - Nikkei Trendy Net

What are the advantages and weaknesses of a binocular camera? IPhone 7 Plus Autobiography Review - Nikkei Trendy Net

It's not just a single focus. The zoom lens also has a view angle and composition that is easier to understand | people who work in climbing and photography.

Apology and explanation for a series of events from Mr. Isao Moriyasu President & CEO | DeNA · Inc.

We took these criticism seriously and investigated again what kind of actual situation our company operated. As a result, with regard to the nine media (WELQ, iemo, Find Travel, cuta, UpIn, CAFY, JOOY, GOIN, ​​PUUL) of common management system / policy, in the instructions to the manuals and writers, There was a point that could be regarded as recommending diversion of wording. On this point, I myself could not have the idea of ​​not contravening morality.

Judging that it is not permissible to keep providing articles as it is, we decided to unpublish all the articles of 9 media today at 18 o'clock. In the future, with regard to all media including MERY, we will do a thorough review of the process of creating articles and their contents through the curation management committee, which myself will be the chairperson. Furthermore, we will drastically review the way we manage our media in the future, and we promise to build self-confident processes from the bottom of our heart as ourselves.

The DeNA official account burning with Welq has a key with a rain → The raging case "officially certified key aka" runs a shake - Togetter Summary

The accuracy of Google translation improved dramatically! ~ Think about how to use it ~ | Chem-Station (Chemste)

Thanks to everyone! Celebrate mofur 1st anniversary! Also holding a campaign hitting a lucky bag! (Fenrir | Developer's Blog)
Just one year ago at GIGAZINE "I tried using a movie sharing application "mofur" that can fully enjoy only the dog and cat's videos to my heart's content - GIGAZINE"It has been posted as an article.

Awareness that engineers who began teaching programming on high school students on the web gained in the last 8 months - Qiita

Problem conscious felt as existing Web teaching materials

Among them, there were also three major points that became a problem with the existing web educational materials.

I can not become an engineer without writing a lot of codes
You can not become an engineer without having to build your own development environment
Learning pace of programming greatly varies from person to person

It is a problem.

CSS font-feature-settings that can fill in characters is amazing! Automatic kerning that you want to specify Japanese fonts - ICS MEDIA

Hatelabo Developer Blog released a system "Hello Lab Humanity Center" that provides authentication for countermeasures against spam and incorporated into laboratory services such as Hatena Anonymous Diary - Hatelabo Developer Blog

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Director Hiroshi Yamamoto talks about "in one corner of this world" "I did not understand why I cut a part of a woman's muddiness, I left it."

O ink Games Component Design - Studio | Oink Games

It is often thought that the component of board game of O ink Games is important to art work. However, in fact, we design it with the most emphasis on playability. As a result, these unique components are created inversely. Of course, there is a constraint that we have to fit in a box of that unique size, but the largest among them is the idea of ​​what is easy to play and what is made of it. This time, I will introduce a bit about that design. (I will introduce the work designed by Hayao Sasaki, our representative, I often see it next to it)

Compared with "Grave of the Fireflies" and "Barefoot Genes", still "in one corner of this world" is close to "common anti-war animation" - Hokkaido's diary

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DeNA Incense Increase by 200 million yen to 300 million yen! Baseball best of the team, reaching the 8th year high school baseball - Sponichi Annex baseball

Rakuten · Norimoto, to Major! Discuss the posting transfer after 3 years with the team (1/4 page) - Baseball - SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

【Breaking News】 Birth of Giant Yamaguchi Shun wwwwwwwwwwwwwww: Nikkan Yaki Quick News

Hawk @ Hawks Summary Blog: Iida Yuya surprised me with sudden downward presentation with 1 Hold 1, 1 Army player

What J PRIDE: [Sad news] Kihiro Kiyahara, excluded from baseball hall of fame entries

Leap on hitting, MVP on W Best Nine ... US expectation also boils down to the wonder ability of Otani Shohei | Full-count | Full Counting - Baseball · MLB's comprehensive column site -

"WBC is the last in next year" "Threat to Japan" in US coverage | Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL

Kubo Hatetsu's view of the world is still Barça's perspective. How is it different from going back to Europe? - Japan national football team - Number Web - number

Intel joins the Messi fighting game ... "Monster" Big offer offer since Ronaldo has acquired [Super Ultra World Soccer]

Honda is still in China? Coach Billas-Borse at the Shanghai upper port aspires to win [Ultra World Soccer]

AC Milan vs. Drift Cars | TOYO TIRES 90sec. - YouTube

"F1 Team Representative's 2016 Top 10 Drivers to Select" announced

The best rental rankings in 2016 are in line! TSUTAYA Annual rental ranking, finally announced today! | TSUTAYA CORPORATION

The first generation is "Marukin MARUBI" / List of popular buzzword prizes - Performing Arts: Nikkan Sports

Spike management guru, Matsuura Hepeiro, withdrawal: Gradewear: Chunichi Sports (CHUNICHI Web)

Answer from the organizer of "THE CLASSIC ROCK AWARDS 2016 + live performance" and filing a lawsuit | okuyama-noriyuki

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Ryu ga Gotoku Mensemen: Nagasaki Champon Ringer Hut

Yui Aragaki also surprised "The ultimate living cacao" "Melty Kiss Cocoa Style Mild Bitter" New Release | Meiji Co., Ltd.

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