Documentary movie 'They Shall Not Grow Old' trailing the World War 1 video with latest technology

Film director / producer Peter Jackson , a New Zealand-born filmmaker known for the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, has documented the reconstitution of the recorded images of the First World War " They Shall Not Grow Old "trailer is on YouTube. The image that was colorized clearly as though it was originally a monochrome image tells the state of the First World War that is likely to be regarded as "the event of a long time ago" in monochrome as it is.

They Shall Not Grow Old - New Trailer - In Theaters December 17 & 27 Only

A soldier marching in a monochrome film.

The First World War, which began on July 28, 1914, became a long-term battle that lasted beyond most expectations until November 11, 1918.

From the conclusion of the First World War that involved many countries and changed the flow of history, 100 years passed in 2018.

Tens of millions of people engaged in war ... ...

Many blood was shed.

The image remaining at present is monochrome, sometimes there is no sound.

However, the people of those days were never fighting in the monochrome world, not even living in a world without sound. Director Jackson is interested in World War I and has made color images of the recorded images about 100 years ago using state-of-the-art technology. Jackson said that the movie was obtained from BBC and the Imperial War Museum and allowed permission to obtain images and audio files that can not be accessed normally.

In World War I, new tanks were launched into the fight one after another, such as tanks were developed to break down the stalled front.

To a soldier marching against the background of the destroyed town ......

Many soldiers transported by train. Some people notice the camera and turn their smile.

Transportation of guns by horses.

A symbol of the First World War is an entrenched battle, and many soldiers are hiding in a narrow groove dug in the battlefield.

"At that time I was 16 years old, my father allowed me to go to war," said the man's voice.

"I am 17 years old" "I am 16 years old" continues ... ...

"When I became a soldier, I heard the remarks of a military soldier that I was 15 years old. Boys of age who are high school students in present Japan also went numerous wars.

Soldiers looking at the camera with a tired look.

Soldiers who strike and look at the camera with a smile smile make me think that there was time to worry about sometimes even on the battlefield.

Some laughed at the helmet next to a friend helmet.

Of course, a miserable scene is also included, and it seems that somehow the men who are injured in the eyes are caught by the soldiers walking in the front and somehow march. I feel like I want to cover my eyes unexpectedly as a soldier who wraps bandages around his eyes and looks in a strange direction.

Trench warfare is disastrous ... ...

Numerous soldiers were sacrificed due to the stalemate of the fight accompanying the trench war.

A soldier looking back at the camera while smoking a cigarette.

An injured soldier walks while being supported from both sides.

Beside the soldier who is stroking the dog carefully, the bayonet leaned against.

To a tank that raises a splash and thrusts into a moat ... ...

Soldiers who jump out of the trenches.

The power of the bomb seen in color is unbelievable.

A marching man laughs at the helm of a friend walking with a conch like a pipe like a pipe.

People of those days were certainly engaged in war and fought in the same world as we are alive.

The meal seemed to be a few hours when the heart cheap, soldiers on the long table were chatting with a smile.

A soldier who laughs with a child brought from somewhere. Some soldiers are blowing some instruments behind it.

Of course there are sacrifices in warfare and there are few people buried in the battlefield.

By looking at the situation at that time in color images, you should be able to feel World War I as familiar than ever before.

"They Shall Not Grow Old" was screened at the London Film Festival held in 2018 and will be shown at several movie theaters in the UK on December 17 and 2018, 2018. The publication schedule in Japan at the time of writing is unknown.

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