Movie "Darkest Hour" trailer showing Prime Minister Churchill confronts the invasion of Nazi Germany

The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill has drawn a figure suffering during the period when no other friend who can rely on Nazi Germany to fight is present in EuropeDarkest Hour (Darkest Hour)The trailer of "Hello!

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World War II began in 1939 with Nazi Germany invading Poland. At the beginning of the war, the Nazis · Germany expanded its power with the momentum of bamboo and occupied the majority of France in 1940. After that, in 1941 Nazi Germany began to look east more than Poland and began to invade the Soviet Union, but until then the battlefield was not open and the Nazis · Germany counterpart in Europe There was about one year in the state that only Britain became become. Winston Churchill expressed this period as 'Darkest Hour'.

The man who is talking is British Prime Minister, then Neville Chamberlain. Having adopted an appeasement policy against Nazis · Germany, Hitler successfully strengthened the military power by using Chamberlain and took a war. Therefore, the successor prime minister was necessary.

In such circumstances, the appearance of a man who takes a hat and responds to photography.

It is Winston Churchill.

King George VI is complaining, "Why must you call Churchill? It is a catastrophic career." Churchill has experienced cabinet several times, but was also a person who had experience of being dismissed at the same time.

Time with my wife's Clementine before going out.

Churchill was receiving calls from the king.

George VI who complained about the previous time, I will appoint Churchill as prime minister.

And the initial speech as prime minister.

The European situation was extremely strict, in part British and French troops were besieged by the German army.

"How much are the enclosed troops?" Elizabeth Nell served as Churchill's secretary.

Churchill's answer was desperate, "probably 2 days".

Clementine tells Churchill that "the whole world is hanging on your shoulders."

Violent bombing

Photo of Hitler holding a newspaper

"Children's angry echoes," You can not preach reasons after being eaten by a tiger! "

And, in Congress, "I have a lot of historic places and famous land already under the occupation of Nazi · Germany" warms the spirit.

"But no matter how expensive it is, we will protect this island country, we will fight on the runway on the coast."

"We fight in the field, in the street, in the hills, we will never surrender, we will not survive without victory!" Cheers.

Film releases are scheduled for November 22, 2017 in the United States and January 12, 2018 in the UK. The timing of release in Japan is still unknown.

In addition, the director is "Pride and Prejudice" "Tsunagu" "Anna · Karenina"Joe WrightAnd, in playing ChurchillGary Oldman. In 2011, he was nominated for Academy's Best Actor Award with the role of George Smiley of "Betrayal's Circus" but has not been awarded a prize, is not he finally taking over as Churchill's role? The voice is raised.

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