Netflix is ​​testing a cheap plan for mobile terminals


Netflix preparing multiple plans depending on image quality, sound quality and the number of screens that can be viewed at the same time is aiming for further market development, considering a lower price plan, and actually testing in some areas It became clear.

Netflix to Test Lower-Price Plans as It See More Asia Users - Bloomberg

Netflix is ​​testing a mobile-only subscription to make its service more affordable | TechCrunch

In the case of Japan, Netflix prepares four plans of basic 800 yen per month, standard of 1200 yen per month, premium of 1800 yen per month, Ultra of 2100 yen per month (prices are all tax excluded). There are no restrictions on the works seen in Netflix in any plan, but there is a difference depending on the image quality, sound quality, and the number of simultaneously playable screens.

basic Standard premium Ultra
Monthly charge (excluding tax) 800 yen 1200 yen 1800 yen 2100 yen
HD image quality ×
UHD 4K × ×
High sound quality audio × × ×
Number of simultaneous viewing screen 1 2 Four Four

The low-priced plan seems to be a plan dedicated to mobile terminals that further narrows down functions and can not be watched on PCs. Lead Hastings CEO says he would like to try a low price plan for Bloomberg's interview.

Tech Crunch says the exam is starting in Malaysia. In Malaysia, there is a slight rate system from Malaysia, three basic types of basic Ringgit (about 900 yen), a standard of 42 ringgits a month (about 1150 yen), and a premium of 51 ringgits a month (about 1400 yen) are prepared However, "Mobile" under examination is 17 ringgits a month (about 460 yen). It is almost half of the basic setting.

The background of this low price plan is the presence of rivals such as Hotstar and iflix . It seems that these competitors are priced so as to cut off less than 500 yen a month in Asia.

Even in Japan, there are many people who are pleased if "Mobile plans with low picture quality than HD picture quality at around 500 yen / month" appears, is there a possibility of coming up ...?

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