When is the most time consuming calories in a day?

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Previous studies have shown that workers working at night shifts are at high risk of obesity. Mr. Kirsi-Marja Zitting of Brigham and Women's Hospital further advanced from here and showed that the person's body from the afternoon to the evening consumed 10% more calories early in the morning.

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Mr. Zitting said about the results of the survey, "It is amazing that even in the same condition, there is a time zone that consumes more calories than a certain day of the day." Also, Jeanne Duffy, who took part in this study, said, "It is possible to increase the weight by the meal at the time of low energy consumption."

In this study, seven subjects who participated in the experiment were asked "What time is it now?" In order to investigate the pure "biological clock's influence on metabolism" which is not influenced by human activity level and sleep / I spent a month in the lab without being told that "I wonder what it is".

There were no clocks or windows in the room used in the experiment, subjects were not allowed to touch the smartphone or the Internet. In this state, the subjects were assigned a schedule of when to take a meal, when to sleep, when to wake up.

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At this time, subjects slept 4 hours after sleeping the night before on all night over 3 weeks. By doing this, subjects can experience the same experience that they flew around the world on a weekly basis, so that the biological clock can not catch up.

With the above process, biological clocks proceeded at their own pace without resorting to external stimuli, allowing researchers to measure the metabolic rate of "biological time".

As a result of the survey, it is said that the body suppresses the most energy expenditure, in other words, the time zone where calorie consumption is the lowest is "biologically late at night". And the highest energy expenditure was shown as "biological afternoon and evening" that 12 hours later. It seems that 130 kcal was consuming more calories in the afternoon and evening than in biological early morning.

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Researchers say, "In the future, we should investigate whether changes in basal metabolism will lead to weight gain for those who are active without following the general schedule." At the moment, researchers have indicated that "keeping a periodic sleep and meal schedule is important to health".

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