A survey result that the animal painting drawn about the oldest maximum humanity in about 52,000 years ago was in the cave of Borneo Island, Indonesia

Mural paintings of Lascaux of France and wall paintings of Altamira caves of Spain are well known as wall paintings drawn on the cave wall by human ancestry. Though it is thought that those mural paintings are about 10,000 to 18,000 years ago, the mural paintings of animals depicted in many caves existing on Borneo Island in Indonesia are at maximum about 50,000 A survey result revealed that it is "the oldest animal figure of mankind" drawn 2000 years ago.

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Mural paintings were found in 2014 in a cave in East Kalimantan Province located in Borneo Island, Indonesia. There are many old caves in this area, and it seems that mural paintings are found in many of them.

The figure of "painting" drawn on the wall is reflected in the following image. It is not easy to distinguish what is being drawn in this state immediately, but from the characteristic shape of the body, if it is thought that it is a beef cattle " Banten " still living in this area Thing. Furthermore, you can check the pattern that shows the shape of the hand by placing the person's hand on the upper right part and spraying the paint.

When extracting only the painting, the pattern of this appearance emerges. Also on the side of the body of the animal with a rounded and large body and a short leg, a part that looks like a spear-like stick has stuck. Also, although there are patterns that shaped shapes of hands, it has been revealed that the times when these patterns were drawn are different at the tens of thousands of years level.

Animals drawn in colors of red and orange in mid-range are painted with iron oxide-based paint. When examining the era where each pattern was drawn by the uranium - thorium method measuring the era based on the intensity of radiation, the paint used for the animal painting, which was seen as Banten, was at least 40,000 years ago, at most 50,000 It seems that it was found that it was used 2000 years ago. Also, we know that the purple paints used for the pattern of hands are from 16,000 to 21,000 years ago.

The paint of the era in which the hand was drawn is also used when drawing patterns that shaped such a person. The flow of this drawing to change from "animal to human" is the same pattern as the mural found in Europe and others, attracting the attention of archaeologists.

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