Access to adult websites increases at an uneasy time until election results become apparent, and it is analyzed as 'to relax'

by Dom Hill

Midterm elections were held in the USA on November 6, 2018. Mid term election is an election held in the middle of the American presidential election to be held every four years, since it will be held just in the middle of the presidency's term of office, it is an election that asks citizens to evaluate after assuming office It can be said. On the day of such a midterm election, the analytical team has released what kind of traffic changes have occurred on Pornhub at the adult movie site.

Midterm Election Day Traffic - Pornhub Insights

On the day of the midterm election, traffic in the morning from the United States was up to about 20% higher than the average, and the state with more traffic than usual continued until mid-afternoon. About this data, Pornhub says, "There is a possibility that many people were accessing Pornhub to wait in a relaxed manner than usual, during which time the voters have to wait until the elections have started and the results come out "I write down.

The graph below shows the change in traffic from the US on the day of the midterm election. The vertical axis shows "what percentage of traffic has increased or decreased compared to the average", and the horizontal axis shows the time of the day. On the day of the midterm election, it seems that the amount of Pornhub traffic has increased more than usual, from the morning until after 3 pm. After that, we recorded traffic lower than average two times from 4 pm to 7 pm and from 10 pm to 2 am in the afternoon. This is because "People checked the election results," Pornhub is analyzing.

This traffic is shown separately for men and women. Purple line is female, blue line is male, which shows how much the traffic volume has increased or decreased from the average. Surprisingly the overall rate of change remained almost unchanged, more Pornhub was used more than usual from morning to daytime, and from the election results out, you can see that the traffic is diminishing. I think that both men and women were using Pornhub from a similar feeling, I can not help thinking.

The graph below shows the change rate of traffic volume by age. Relatively young voters with a red line between 18 and 34 years old, green lines indicate numbers of voters over 35 years old. Voters over the age of 35 show an especially high rate of increase in traffic from 3 AM to 6 AM and young voters are increasing the rate of high traffic from 7 AM to 1 PM. As the traffic of Pornhub is below average on the timing of the election results after 4 p.m., we can see that the younger generation and the elderly were equally interested in the election results.

The following heat map classifies Pornhub traffic up to 7 pm by region, and on the day of the midterm election, the area where you accessed Pornhub more than usual, or the area you did not visit Pornhub too much on the contrary Things to clarify. The dark red area is the area where Pornhub traffic was less than usual, the yellow area is the area where Pornhub traffic was more than usual. The fact that Pornhub 's traffic was much more than usual is that the capital city of Washington DC . It was 39% more than usual, and it is a result that the electorate living in the capital was the most excited about election results.

Next, the following heat map shows Pornhub traffic change rate from 8 pm to midnight for each region. It seems that access to Pornhub has been decreasing more than usual in many areas after election results have come out. In addition, here too, the highest traffic growth rate was recorded in Washington, DC with an average traffic increase of 31%.

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