I thought without saying 'bread is a drink' I'm going to declare the transcendent I'm trying to eat 'raw' bread with soft 'Nogami'

It is beautiful bowl specialty shop that deals with "raw" bread "aimed at the barely softness close to" waist "made as a pan-craftsman's taboo. With " & Premium " selected as 10 tasty Japanese bread bowls, "bread sweetness spreads faintly by adding thoroughly to the ingredients of flour, fresh cream, and butter, adding honey" about. Is there so much difference in bread? Because I became interested, I actually bought it and tried it.

Luxury 'raw' bread specialty store is beautiful (nagami)

I arrived in beauty. The head office of Beauty is Osaka Uehonmachi, but as of October 2018, it has 108 stores in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, China, Shikoku and Kyushu.

This shop visited this time, there is no kitchen, it is a shop specialized for sale. Since there is only one product, the order has come soon as soon as there is a queue.

Inside the store there was also a jam finished to match the "raw" bread. There are 3 kinds of strawberry, marmalade, blueberry, each one is 1080 yen, and three pieces is 3,240 yen.

So purchased.

Returning to the editorial department and putting "raw" bread from the paper bag, the mouth of the plastic bag was not closed because it was completed.

Raw material names contained foods with flour, milk etc as the main raw materials · Sugar · Margarine · Butter · Honey · Salt · Baker's Yeast. Margarine is an " original margarine ", which means that trans fatty acids are set lower than butter. The expiration date is 3 days after purchase.

I tried taking it out of the bag. "Raw" bread has 1 loaf (432 yen including tax) type and 2 loaf (864 yen including tax) type, and the 2 loaf bought this time.

It is about this size.

That's why I put a kitchen knife at once ......

Cut a little thicker.

A section of bread looks like this.

Bubbles are bigger than commercial breads and you can see that it contains moisture fluffily as you see it.

I tried putting my hand on the part of Mimi trying to cut off the bread, but I needed more power than expected. Mimi with little moisture can hardly break, but the "raw" bread has a lot of moisture and high elasticity, so it seems to be difficult to tear in reverse.

Try to pull out threads with sticky ......

It is possible to see from the following movie how the "raw" bread bowls are cut off as threads are drawn.

A bread of 'Nogama' which becomes likely to affirm "bread is a drink" - YouTube

I bought a bread that was sold at the supermarket and tried to compare its softness. Even just looking at the cross section, the left of the softness you feel is obvious at a glance.

Even if you divide the bread into two, I will divide it as "Su" without pulling threads. The fluffy softness and freshness that you feel with hand are completely different things.

When I actually eat bamboo bread, it floats in my mouth ... and so soft it will fade away. The silky smooth textile fabric is moist but light, and the word "melt in the mouth" is perfect for a pleasant texture. Because it contains honey, it is slightly sweet, it has a good texture and good taste, it was about the voice saying, "Is this a kind of bread or good? It is no longer sweet or sweet bread?"

In addition, trying to bake in the oven toaster ......

Because it melts butter and margarine with heat, to a more durable finish. The surface is crisp and elegant, the inside is fluffy and dirty soft and the contrast is the best, and there is no doubt that it will be satisfied from the morning.

Of course, it's a "raw" bread so you can eat it without baking, but as you baked it was "finished like a different level ...", so it's hard to throw away either, so I'd rather eat either ... ... I can not avoid being greedy.

It is said that Nogama is aiming for the softness of the limit as it is "bumpy" where the bread breaks around in the middle, but it is convinced that it is eating. It's soft enough to say "bread is a drink".

Also, as it was a rumor that "It will be delicious even the next day," I waited one day.

When I tried it, I thought "After a while it dried a little?", But on the other hand, I felt that the feeling of stickiness increased somewhat. The fine texture of the texture and smoothness are not lost.

Bake in the toaster ......

When I tried eating, softness and smoothness were fully restored, and "finished feeling that rather dull feeling has not increased ???". Even though "raw" bread on the 3rd day after another day was fully resurrected as it was baked, the bread was an early image of deterioration, but it was a bread with happiness tasted even after a few days .

In addition, it is possible to confirm all 108 shops of Noga from here .

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