Headline news on October 24, 2018

It was announced that a total of 46 seats fee-based seating service "A seat" will start from the spring of 2019, with the new rapid speed operating on JR Kobe Line, Kyoto Line, Lake Biwa Line. It is one of the 12 car trains (No. 9 car) to be installed, and the reclining function and the table are installed in the seat. Outlets are installed in all seats for the first time as JR West's conventional line vehicles, and free Wi-Fi service will be provided as well.

The usage fee is 500 yen, a form that seats freely in the vacant seat and purchases a numbered ticket from the crew. In addition to cash payment, use of transportation IC card is OK. It is said that the number of operations is 4 in the top and bottom in the day.

In spring 2019 we will introduce a fee-based seat service "A seat" to the new rapid: JR West Japan

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

The world's largest floating offshore wind power plant "Hywind Scotland" started operation - GIGAZINE

Like a baby crow has "learned" from "play"? - GIGAZINE

A small company that makes few "hand-painted globe" in the world - GIGAZINE

Which is better for introvert and outgoing people? - GIGAZINE

【Dread:】 "Doraemon" Snake Husband / "Ginga Railway 999" voice actor of the conductor role · Kenta Kentaro deaths - GIGAZINE

NASA releases rendered videos after the black hole reveals what is happening when swallowing the stars - GIGAZINE

Why does "lie" spread over the net more than the truth? - GIGAZINE

"Skirt turning calendar 2014" which turns the skirt and shrinks the distance every time the moon changes, and "skirt turning Husen" - GIGAZINE

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(Notice) Discover the glass dry plate sleeping in the agricultural laboratory's library | Agricultural Research Institute

I also want sociologists doing gender theory to read "Become strong against Manga chemical formula"

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Junpei Yasuda seems to be detained in Syria Information relief government Government confirmation | NHK News

"Mr. Yasuda's confirmation after 3 o'clock PM" Chief Cabinet Secretary | NHK News

"Ranshan to Mr. Yasuda liberation" = Qatar payment and Syrian observer team: current affairs dot com

Junpei Yasuda, after confirmation Judge by questions that only the principal understands: Asahi Shimbun Digital

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a method of identity verification, it is common for a consular office or an official of the embassy to come into contact with a man and to make a judgment by questioning only the principal.

"Mr. Yasuda led by Qatar and Turkey 4 days ago" Syrian organization | NHK News

An organization collecting information on Syrian civil war about Jiyuhiro Yasuda, a freelance journalist who has been arrested by armed groups in Syria three years ago and whose information on liberation is being brought to the Japanese government, issued a statement and negotiations on liberation were made in the Middle East Qatar and Turkey led and Mr. Yasuda showed that he was released four days ago.

Mr. Taro Aso: "We must improve our common sense" to Foreign Minister Kono - Mainichi Newspapers

Mr. Aso, who has many disappointments due to a series of scandals by the Treasury Department, has failed to lose a smile, saying "It is not wanted to be told by Mr. Aso" from within the party.

Rice self-restraint of pregnant women to Japan Traveling with rubella infection | NHK News

In response to the spread of rubella infection mainly in the metropolitan area, the CDC = Center for Disease Control in the United States of America will be infected to pregnant women who may not be vaccinated on 22nd, I recommended to refrain from traveling to Japan till the expansion has subsided.

Tokyo University of Medicine, 55 female unjust entrance exams rejected Third party committee announcement: Asahi Newspaper Digital

The report on why there are many females who failed in 2006, the president of Suzuki Saito at the time = in charge of bribery at the time = "There are many women last year, so I want to take more men this year. "He pointed out. "I can understand that Mr. Suzuki's idea has influenced it," he said.

"Tropical Giant Gar" for breeding purposes: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Shizuoka Prefectural Police Shizuoka Chuo-ku insiders Shizuoka prefectural police Shizuoka central office said on Tuesday that a man (57) in Tsukihashi, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka City, a home center official, was damaged by a specific alien species He was arrested on suspicion of violating the prevention law (breeding for sales purpose). Gar is designated as a specific alien species in April, according to the prefectural police, the application of this law for the first time nationwide.

Procurement office of 'Continuing business at Tsukiji' requested for temporary disposition ___ ___ 0

This month, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has filed a provisional disposition to the Tokyo District for Tokyo and other companies seeking the surrender of land and buildings against certain dealers who have not removed possessions as they continue to operate in the premises of the former Tsukiji market which closed. I understood by coverage to the stakeholders.

CNN.co.jp: Suddenly the escalator suddenly accelerates, 20 people injured Rome

Saudi reporter dead "The worst class concealment" and US president's visa invalid 15 pictures International news: AFPBB News

Turkey to drive Saudi without mentioning the involvement of the crown Prince too Sell: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Explosive device at Mr. Soros of US Millionaire, FBI investigating 2 pictures International news: AFPBB News

It also shipped to Taiwan with 93 domestic offices, such as office buildings and schools, with seismic isolation equipment - Kawagane HD Group: Current affairs dot com

Partial discontinuation of construction at the Olympic Games Competition Order is broken down business | NHK News

A construction company in Saitama City, the contractor of a competition venue where tennis etc will be held at the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in the coming year, broke down, and it turned out that some construction was suspended from this month. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is considering re-ordering of construction etc. and aims to complete as scheduled next year as of the end of next year.

Some constructions are suspended, "Ariake Tennis Forest Park" located in Koto Ward at the competition site of Tokyo Tennis Tennis and Wheelchair Tennis.

Expansion of acceptance of foreigners, conspicuous opinion from members of the LDP Liberal Democratic Party: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kobe's Western confectionary store Mont Blanc, reduced to sales for self-bankruptcy: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Sugita "Not productive" "Inappropriate, no intention of discrimination" | NHK News

CNN.co.jp: A man of perverse behavior in a cabin, a statementered rumor that "President Trump is good"

The suspects told the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 's investigation, "The president of the United States says it is possible to grasp the female's part."

US President Trumpp has said that the tapes of the 2005 conversation talking to "You can do anything with celebrities", "Recollect the genital area of ​​the woman", came out to light and began to ripple.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department: Mr. Third grader from Tokyo University arrested for forced sexual intercourse - Mainichi Newspaper

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"I tried my best to raise it ..." The pros and cons of the mother's lamenting son who did not come as expected. Is it overprotection? Or is it the power of love? - Togetter

The challenge of Makurazaki in the world to DASHI in 'Buddha-produced bonyo': Asahi Shimbun Digital

In the Japanese restaurant "Yen" that offers soba near the Louvre in Paris, I started using bonito from this spring. Procurement factory in Japan - Kagoshima Prefecture Morakazaki city contractor made "local production" in France. It is also an unusual attempt in Europe. I mainly use soba noodles. It is useful for adding to small dishes such as dipping.

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To everyone reading Hagex-day.info - Hagex-day info

Finally it is a request from the bereaved family.
Hagex said that she did not want to post private things such as family composition on the net.
Because I thought that I did not want to bother the nearby people.
Please do not search for, survey or publicize the bereaved families or stakeholders.
In the future, bereaved families and stakeholders may be listed on trial in some cases.
Still please let me know if you let me leave.

Also, the bereaved are still very exhaustive now.
We are sorry, but we are not accepting coverage or comment requests.
Please do not act like pushing at home, touching a bereaved family member.
I'm sorry to say something, but thank you very much.

Admin Hagex representative

PHP Conference Asia 2018 in Singapore I've been listening to the story of the PHP author - Luche Holdings Tech Blog

It was a session by PHP author Rasmus Lerdorf.

In the 1990's, I reviewed the story of the process of PHP being born as a template system and developing into programming language and introduced the new function of PHP 7.3 and contents of performance improvement.

Although there was a big improvement in performance from PHP 5 series to 7 series, it was also 10-15% from PHP 7.0 / 7.1 as a benchmark result based on WordPress after accumulating performance improvements after that (even from PHP 7.2 It is said that it is improving%).

In addition, he introduced DEC (Dead Code Elimination) which is one of the optimization techniques for compiling PHP source into Opcode.

GitHub Actions: Developed by you and run on GitHub | The GitHub Blog

At the other day GitHub Universe, we announced GitHub Actions, a new feature that enables workflow automation and customization. Application and service configuration takes up much of the development cycle and requires considerable time and effort. GitHub Actions applies the principles of open source to automation of workflow and combines the tools used by you from idea to development into one workflow. You can create, share, and find actions required in a project just as you do with code on GitHub.

【Viewing attention】 Although the result decided on agreement in the world of VR is interesting but very frightening ... "People whose souls are pulled by VR are cautious" - Togetter

TSE announces the cause of system failure, Merrill Lynch redundantly uses IP address | Nikkei x TECH (CrossTech)

On Monday morning Merrill Lynch Japan Securities launched two servers with the same IP address. One of them and the TSE side connection device exchanged system telegrams to establish communication, establishing communication. There was sent another system message that caused communication to be established from another server with the same address.

The system telegram is said to confirm the consistency of continuous exchange with the management number. Because there was an inconsistency in this serial number, the server sent a request for system telegram retransmission. In response to this, the TSE's connecting device also sent a reply message saying that communication was established, but the inconsistency was not resolved. Because of this, the process of exchanging large amounts of telegram continued, and the load of the connection device increased, so the safety mechanism stopping the connection device worked.

Book review "Management career path for engineers" - Kentaro Kuribayashi's blog

I summarized the system failure of Tokyo Stock Exchange that occurred in October 2018 - piyolog

Derived from Kubernetes, knowing container-serverless controversy - orangeitems's diary

Formal method in AWS - masateruk's blog

The formal method was very successful in AWS. We discovered bugs that we could not find by other methods, and now many teams are writing specifications with TLA +. Management also boosts the use of TLA +.

Authenticate with Firebase using API Gateway custom authorizer - kitak's blog

Headless browser Record what you operated with Chrome + Chromy

Failure Occurred in Stock Trading System on October 9 | Japan Exchanges Group

RICOH THETA and Amana images started initiating efforts to disseminate 360-degree content - Topics (Japan)

Overtime work for 2 people → Complete in 1 hour Minutes with AI, Effective Skinning: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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There was a wonder mahjong game which had been manipulating deep learning in 1987 ─ ─ Person who passed Akiba Boys founded game art ─ ─ Listen to Mr. Yoichi Miyaji at the nucleus of game AI 【Listener: Yoichiro Miyake】

Introduce past covers at once! "To be interested in AI!" The thoughts of the two who worked on the cover of "Artificial Intelligence" Artificial Intelligence Society magazine | Artificial Intelligence News Media AINOW

Mr. Osawa: It seems that it was difficult for us to get hand-picked on the front cover like before, when starting to sell at a bookstore, it is difficult to have the contents know. So at that time in 2014, first of all, we used crowdsourcing to collect the cover!

In the crowdsourcing, the cover was drawn by various people, I decided mainly by discussing in the editorial committee. After that, I am repeatedly devised so that I can become familiar with "artificial intelligence" such as tie-up with designer and animation.

Subtle present condition of Anison and streaming platform - just a cold.

【Official】 "The Story of Slime when Reincarnated" Episode 1 "Storm Dragon Verdra" - YouTube

Kyoto Animation CM "Flower Hen" - YouTube

Kyoto animation commercial "Sky editing" - YouTube

Kyoto Animation CM "Hydrangea" - YouTube

Kyoto Animation CM "Star Hen" - YouTube

Kyoto Animation CM "Idea" - YouTube

Kyoto Animation CM "Glasses Edition" - YouTube

Kyoto Animation CM "Umbrella" - YouTube

Kyoto animation commercial "You want to go" - YouTube

Kyoto Animation CM "Swimsuit" - YouTube

Theater's second part animation 'Kabaneri Kaen Battle Battle Battle of Iron Castle' Tizar PV - YouTube

"GODZILLA Fixed Battle Mobile Proliferation City" 【Tryout image】 Staff Audio Commentary [Cast: Shinano Tadanobu (Director) / Hiroyuki Seshita (Director) / Kabuchi Xu (Story Draft · Screenplay)] - YouTube

The best graphics 14 chosen for the limit of the original PS 1 hard 14 - YouTube

Snail's House - Snailchan Adventure (Official MV) - YouTube

China stop special process of the new game approval, closing the last means - Bloomberg

Children's literature critic argues against the "Moe picture" controversy of picture books and children's book - "Adverse effects on children" | Saiseau woman

"TERA" Finally OBT started! - YouTube

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Sakamoto Ryuichi's supposed to be a mystery? Troubled at the Korean Film Festival: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Soccer world influenced by geopolitics - We gotta put it out somehow, yeah, yeah

[Live action version Devilman Tips] 1st: Production history and leading actor - Togetter

Olympus recorded movie, director Naomi Kawase is scheduled to complete the spring in spring 21: Asahi Shimbun Digital

In 1997, Mr. Kawase who lives in Nara won the camera doll of the Cannes International Film Festival (Newcomer Supervision Award) at the youngest ever in history with his debut work "Moe's Suzaku". In 2007, he won the Grand Prix in the second seat in "Mori no Mori". Also supervised "An" (15 years) starring Mr. Nobuinagi Tree who died this September. In addition to serving as a judge member of Cannes for the first time as a Japanese, she has launched the "International Film Festival" in his hometown since 10 years and is also devoted to rearing.
In the Olympics, the IOC created an official movie at the conventions since the Stockholm Summer Games in 1912. Director Mr. Shinoda Masahiro at Director of Ichikawa Kunlun in the 64th Tokyo Convention, Director Shinoda at the Sapporo Winter Games in 1972, and Director Bud Greenspan at the Winter Nomination Competition in 1998. Again, film creation was included in the contract between the IOC and the organizing committee. The expenses are said to be covered by sponsorship fee and television revenue.

Submarine curry 'full of secrets' shooting, realization wake - withnews (with news)

When asking the maritime staff staff office public relations office, of course, shooting inside a ship of a submarine is more expensive than other ships, but it seems to respond if judging that secrets can be preserved.
In this case, the fact that the purpose was "curry" has dropped much hurdles. In addition to the dining room and the kitchen, it was only in the living space of the crews who look forward to the curry, such as the bedrooms where the three-beds are narrowed and narrowed down, which allowed photography.
Still we only answered "this summer" that Yokosuka had TOKIO. It is because I do not want to tell you what month and day I was in Yokosuka.

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(PDF file) [10th Anniversary of Exquisite Hamburger Sand] "Exquisite Hamburger Sand [Mushrooms & Cheese]" - Increase Volume by Increasing 20% ​​Hamburg in Superb Series -

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