YouTube promises 'strengthening creator support tools' and 'communication and transparency', what is actually done?


YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki will release the latest update update on YouTube, announce the transparency and reinforcement of communication with creators and the development of a number of support tools that will give creators the power Did.

YouTube Creator Blog: A Final Update on Our Priorities for 2018

Wojcicki's message can also be seen from the following movie.

October 2018 Creator Letter | Article 13 and other updates - YouTube

The first thing that was emphasized in the movie is about Article 13 of the EU's revised copyright directive . Article 13 imposes obligation to content providers of contents platform providers to check whether contents are not in violation of copyright and respond.

Article 13 requests the platform to filter content, there is a possibility that individuals can not upload the movie freely.

Many YouTube channels are shut down in the EU ......

Also in the EU it may be impossible to watch certain movies.

Mr. Wojcicki said that Article 13 of the revised copyright directive needs to be heard right away as it will be settled at the end of 2018. Whether living in the EU or not, it is necessary to show that it is important to protect the creator 's economy, and it is urged to speak with a tag "# Save YourInternet".

Next, Mr. Wojcicki announced "Updating Priority in 2018". The first is "communication and transparency".

YouTube is focusing on communication with creators. Until now, platform upgrades were unknown, and creators sometimes did not notice, but in the future they will periodically send out via YouTube Studio, Creator Insider , and Twitter accounts .

The second is about monetization of creators.

By incorporating machine learning on YouTube, we increased the accuracy of discrimination of whether movies are monetized by 10%. This means that YouTube's automatic monetization system has worked more correctly.

In addition, in April 2018, we announced guidelines for content suitable for advertisement publication, aiming to support small creators . The program which was done for some creators is said to work well, and in the beginning of 2019 we are planning to expand the program.

Third, about support tools.

In August 2018, a beta version of " YouTube Giving " that creators and non-profit organizations can donate directly through movies has been released for some users. Even though it is a beta version, hundreds of thousands of dollars (tens of millions of yen) have already been collected by many users using YouTube Giving. YouTube Giving will be expanded in the near future.

Also, every day 2 million people visit YouTube to watch game content. That's why YouTube is building a "more powerful gaming experience".

Located at a high priority on YouTube is investment in 'tracking news and incorrect information'. YouTube in 23 countries now displays the top news bulletin shelf and the top news shelf of search results. In addition, the meeting of "YouTube News · Working Group" was held for the first time at the headquarters. The news field is a very important part, and investment is going to continue in the future.

And lastly on "learning and education".

Mr. Wojcicki considers YouTube to be "the world's largest video library", and "the learning on YouTube" is also put emphasis. It is said that 20 million dollars (about 2.2 billion yen) is invested in the education field. Also, a video on YouTube's book is called "BookTube", but an event " BookTube-A-Thon " where BookTubers gather is held, many book favorites stimulated each other.

In addition, YouTube also has a feature called "YouTube Premieres" that allows creators and viewers to enjoy the moment of releasing movies together, and on October 22, 2018 an easy-to-use movie was released.

YouTube Premieres - YouTube

YouTube Premieres is a feature that enables viewers and creators to enjoy the moment of opening new movies together. Like this, the movie will be released with the countdown.

Usage is as follows. First of all, upload the movie like normal upload.

Select "Scheduled" from the drop down menu ... ....

Select the movie to upload.

While processing the movie "Premiere" button on.

Select the release time of the movie.

Including titles and selecting thumbnails is the same as normal movie processing.

Finally click "Premiere Publish".

Then, the playback page of the movie will be released instantly. Movie can not be played until the appointment time, but this page can be used for promotion of the event etc. You can also chat with viewers before publishing the movie.

In the movie before release, "Badge" called "PREMIERE" is attached.

By notifying viewers that notifications will be turned on, you will be less missed.

If the notification is turned on, the viewer will be notified 30 minutes before the movie is released.

When the movie's release time approaches, the countdown begins and the second notification reaches the audience.

The public movie will be redisplayed in the feed as well.

When the countdown is over, the movie starts, allowing creators and viewers to watch the movie together.

At this time, creators' remarks are fixed / highlighted for a while on the top of the chat screen.

If you meet the conditions, you can also activate a paid "Super Chat". And after releasing the movie, it will remain on the channel as usual.

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