'Guidelines for heart communication' by Richard Stallman of GNU project advocate will be announced

Richard Stallman, a world-renowned programmer who leads the GNU project at the core existence of free software movement, wrote to all programmers participating in the GNU project "to tolerate others to think for themselves " GNU Kind Communications Guidelines " was announced. The friction and conflict that exists in the stage of software development is a great loss for software and eventually for the world and the guidelines that stated the importance of respecting others are not only software developers but a lot of people read It is a valuable proposition.

GNU Kind Communications Guidelines - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

According to Mr. Stallman, "There are developers who avoid unnecessary participation in GNU development due to unfriendly, unpleasant, refusing and sometimes harsh patterns of communication." In order to encourage the development of the GNU system to proceed regardless of personal characteristics and ideas such as gender, race, religion, cultural background, political opinion, Mr. Stallman said, "Respecting others A certain communication is important ". For that reason, GNU developers are talking about "attitude" and "attitude" that should be developed as a developer if they want to achieve the goal by practicing the following concrete method.

1: Paying respect for others '' work ' Even if you can not agree with other participants' remarks, assume that they are posting sincerely. If the code or text is presented as its "work", please accept it as "work". Stop criticizing for suspicion that another person called "Is it wrong?" May have committed, stick to what you actually talk about and actually doing.

2: Think about "a way to treat other participants with respect with respect" that they pay homage to themselves . Especially for those who can not agree. For example, when talking to another participant, please call with the name presented by that person. Even in respect of sexual diversity, it is important to call with that person's name (not synonymous with him or her).

Please stop toneing too tight for other participants. In particular, individual attacks should be avoided. We should criticize "remarks" and show that we are not criticizing "individuals" at all.

3: Respect respecting criticism: Please recognize that criticism against your opinion never attacks individuals. Even if you feel that someone has attacked you, even if you feel someone has attacked dignity, do not counterattack it. It tends to cause a chain of attacks that expanded and interpreted words. Despite emotion as emotion, please seek peace. In order to quell things, please remove your anger after an hour or a day and try replying again.

4: Following the wrong person <br> If you are accused of failing someone, please be kind to that person in particular. Programming is meant to make many mistakes. Actually we are all making mistakes. That is why the regression test is useful. A sincere programmer makes a mistake and then fixes it. Please indicate that "not being perfect is normal", follow up to correct the problem and fix it, and express appreciation for incomplete contribution.

5: Do not get out of the theme - When someone is "derailing" in the discussion, please focus on the current topic and proceed with the discussion. This does not mean that "the derailment is bad" nor does it mean that "the discussion is not interesting", it means "Do not interfere with immediate problems". Regarding derailment, we should argue in another place.

6: There is no need to clarify the end <br> There is no need to ask for "last word" to end the discussion. Please look for the timing to judge "no more replying anymore". Perhaps related points are clarified. If you know Go, you may be aware that losers do not need a direct reaction when the game is finalized. Do not say anything, you can go to another place instead.

Also, please do not unnecessarily rejoin the debate unless discussion is already over. It tends to interfere with the progress of activities.

7: Do not make it uncomfortable leads to persuasion If other participants are dissatisfied about how to express ideas, please make efforts to respond accordingly. You should be able to find expressions that convey the same to others as comfortably. Facing the anger of others is to increase the possibility of persuading others.

The above is a proposal excluding GNU Kind Communications Guidelines that is specific to the GNU project, but it is also a trick to guide a so-called project that multiple people are required to cooperate with in order to succeed That's right.

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