It turns out that the brain 's 'ASMR' movie that Toro makes a positive impact not only mentally but physically

'ASMR', which can be wrapped in something like pleasure and get a feeling that the head can be Toro just by looking and listening, has attracted great attention from YouTube and others. There has been almost no research on its specific effects, but new researches conducted by actually collecting subjects have revealed that the effects will also appear on the human body. .

More than a feeling: autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is characterized by reliable changes in affect and physiology

ASMR: 'Brain Orgasm' Videos May Have Mental and Physical Health Benefits

ASMR is an abbreviation of 'Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response', which in Japanese is translated as 'Autonomic Sensory Climax Response'. It is a phenomenon that sensations are stimulated by listening to sounds of whispering voices and scissors, tears of clothes and squeaking noises of paper, etc. in the ear, and it is a phenomenon that something like pleasure can be obtained. The voice of Bob Ross appearing in Bob's Painting Class may be recognized as one of the ASMR movies.

What is the phenomenon 'ASMR' that the brain feels like Toro can be heard by listening to the voice of 'The Bob's Painting Class'? -GIGAZINE

The effects of relaxation, and sometimes even sexual pleasure, have not been studied as much as the specific effects of ASMR. Close to the appearance of such ASMR is a research team at the University of Sheffield in England.

Among those who have experienced ASMR, those who report changes such as 'can relax', 'relieve stress', 'sleep well' or 'a warm, tingling sensation at the top of the head, the spinal cord Some people say that it spreads through the body through the body. A research team by Julia Poelio and colleagues at the Sheffield University Psychology Department gathered subjects to investigate how these phenomena were observed scientifically.

In the experiment, half of the people who had experienced ASMR and those who had not experienced ASMR were observed, and the responses were shown when they showed both “ASMR movie” and “non-ASMR movie”.

Then, in the group of people who have experienced ASMR, it was confirmed that the heart rate was decreased significantly to the group of people who are not so. Furthermore, in the group of ASMR experienced people, it was confirmed that positive emotions such as 'relax' and 'social connection' that were seen when listening to music and meditation of mindfulness increased. That's right.

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Poerio said that 'ASMR is consistently shown to be a relaxing and soothing sensation that adds to the social connection's emotions.' 'The ASMR movie significantly increases the heart rate of ASMR experienced people. It turned out that this was a decrease, which gave more objective evidence of the view that ASMR has the effect of relaxing people, and the physiology also shows that ASMR has a relaxing effect. It is said that.

The scientific research on ASMR is still in the beginning, and it seems that there are still many things to be investigated. Poerio said, 'There are a lot of interesting questions that haven't been answered yet.' Then, 'If our research can help eliminate the misconception that' ASMR is a sexual emotion '. It's a wonderful thing. '

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