When I hear the voice of "Bob's painting classroom" I feel like the brain can fall like "phenomenon" ASMR?

Painter Bob Ross makes a scenic landscape painting in just 30 minutes "Bob's painting classroom"Is a legendary painting program in which many fans have become crazy even in Japan. Bob 's soft voice tone is also one of its popular backgrounds, especially while in Bob' s striking technique, especially in home country America. Like when I heard such a voice of Bob, the phenomenon that makes the brain feel like being torn by unexpectedly becoming a bit like a sound of something is "ASMRIt is believed that secretory substances in the brain are acting.

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ASMR is an abbreviation for the term "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" which means whispers like Bob, sounds of rain burning with rain or fireplace, sounds or paper cutting the hair with scissors It refers to a phenomenon in which the mind settles while listening to some sort of sound, such as flickering sounds, and a certain pleasant sensation is obtained through a relaxed state.

Bob's voice touched at the beginning is familiar to the voice actor Takao Ishii voiced in Japan, but Bob himself speaks, of course, in programs broadcast in the United States. That voice is "comfortable, ASMR", so the program keeps a strong popularity even after Bob's death, and official channels are also established on YouTube.

Looking at the following movie, Bob's voice as well as the sound of "Even if you loose your feet with a brush", a sound with a 2-inch brush "Shu, Shu" and a sound drawing a sunset sky, a fan-shaped You can feel that various sounds comfortably come into your ears, such as "jacks, jacks" and brush tree branches on the brush.

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Many channels and movies with ASMR theme have been uploaded to YouTube. A movie based on "ASMRtistry" making works related to ASMR is just to let you hear the sound of "Jijiji" when opening a thin zipper, folding a thin film with a thin film at the ear, penciling the dead leaves, and opening and closing the zipper for the first time And there are many people who can not stand a surprise or laugh at too much maniac. However, while continuing to listen for 3 minutes, I got used to it, gradually became comfortable gradually, and began to feel strange charm.

ASMRtistry: Professional ASMR videos with 3D binaural audio | Test footage - YouTube

It seems to be a bit more "for advanced users" that the YouTube channel "Gentle Whispering ASMRThe following movie by. A woman named Maria wrote a hair diagnosis and then a movie containing a scene of washing her head, but it should make it snappy with whispering voice and sound at her ear. If this screen is displayed in full screen, earphone is played with the room darkened, you may trip somewhere and it will be impossible to return anymore.

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ASMR special siteASMR UniversityAccording to, the term ASMR was born around 2010. There are increasing numbers of people who are deprived of the phenomenon that everyday noises calm the mind somehow, and in Japan it was also called "sound fetish". Such a movie has also been posted on Nico Nico Douga, and a page that describes ASMR is also made for Nikoniko Encyclopedia.

What is ASMR (What is it?) [Word Articles] - Nico Nico Douga

A Japanese translation that can explain ASMR for a while is not established. In short, the term "a phenomenon that makes the brain feel pleasant like melting".

The ASMR movie is the movie that triggers this ASMR. Sound rubbing cloth, sound of rain, sound of bonfire, sound cutting things with scissors. I wonder if you have experienced such sound comfortably. People fascinated by such sounds post videos that collect sound.

Nico Nico Douga used to replace the word "sound fetish" in the past, but as of May 2017, as can be seen from the fact that 2270 ASMR tag videos exist, the term ASMR has been established considerably.

In addition, sound fetish is hard to obtain general understanding, and is regarded as a transformational hobby.

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What's wrong with sleeping while listening to whispering of your sister!
Sister's mastication sound (ry

In the scientific world there are moves to study the mechanism of ASMR. The interesting thing about ASMR is that the triggering triggering phenomenon that triggers the phenomenon often totally differs from person to person. Dr. Michael Howell, Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Minnesota cited an example that someone watching a movie just to fold a towel in order to get a restful sleep, saying, "Oddly that strange There are also people who can get the effect by doing so, "he said, suggesting that ASMR may also be useful in treating insomnia. However, it states that it should not be used as a measure to improve insomnia until proper scientific support is indicated.

Mr. Craig Richard, professor at the School of Biological Sciences at Shenandoah University in Virginia and operating ASMR University, is one of the people who may feel ASMR and the brain is in a state of being pleasantly energized by being given some trigger It says there is something to be done. Originally, Mr. Richard had a skeptical view on the effect of ASMR, but for the first time when commentator about ASMR cited Bob Ros' voice as an example in a podcast heard at a time, it was positive It seems that it began to have a viewpoint.

Mr. Richard said that Bob's painting class was a child who could not wait. One day broadcasting changed the channel of the television when he came back from school and the Richard boy who was sending his days attracted to Bob's technique and voice had always been waiting while watching the program. And because I sleep while watching TV, it seems that I have never seen a moment when Bob draws a picture.

Mr. Richard believes that "relaxation" plays a major role when the brain falls into a melting sensation. From the brain in a relaxed state, brain hormones such as endorphin, oxytocin and serotonin are secreted, and these substances are acting as a trigger for the occurrence of ASMR, Richard shows its view.

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