Google announces display 'Google Home Hub' which becomes the hub of smart home appliances

At Google's new product announcement event '

Made by Google ' held on October 9, 2018, Google announced the smart display ' Google Home Hub ' as a hub for IoT products. Unlike Google Home, which operates using voice recognition only, Google Home Hub is able to control smart appliances more conveniently by displaying various information on the display in addition to voice operations.

You can see what kind of smart display Google Home Hub is by looking at the following movie:

Get to know Google Home Hub

The small display in front of employees wearing T-shirts with the Google logo is the Google Home Hub.

Google Home Hub is a very compact terminal equipped with a 7-inch display. Although many sensors such as microphones and light sensors are installed, it is believed that the lack of a camera has reduced the sense of being monitored by Google Home Hub.

It is equipped with

Google assistant of AI system that can recognize voice by default ...

You can watch YouTube on the Google Home Hub itself and check the schedule on the Google Calendar.

Because you can control by voice recognition, even when both hands are dirty while cooking, by giving instructions by voice ......

You can display the recipe of the dish.

If you want to know the recipe with the movie, it is OK if you say 'search for a recipe on YouTube'.

At that time, someone visited the house.

My hands are dirty and I can not open the door immediately but I can not get out ...

By placing a network camera etc. in the front door, it is possible to display the video of the front door on the display of Google Home Hub.

You can also unlock the entrance key from the Google Home Hub if you are working with a smart lock like '

SESAME mini '.

Google Home Hub works with various smart appliances in the house, and can be used as a hub for home appliances that can be freely manipulated.

When calling for 'Google. Show me your house,' ...

The status of the house was displayed on the display.

If you want to increase the room temperature of your living room, raise the room temperature from the Google Home Hub display.

A coordinated air conditioner operates to raise the room temperature.

If you say 'play music from the speakers in the house' ...

Music starts to flow simultaneously from the linked smart speakers.

It is a great feature for home parties that call many friends.

The Google Home Hub also works with Google Photos to automatically display the latest best shots.

Since the sensor that detects ambient light is installed, the display on the display changes according to the brightness of the room.

Link your smart device with Google Home Hub, and say 'Hey, Google' and operate it ...

Set of alarms

Entrance lock / unlock

Operation of air conditioner

You can control smart devices throughout the house with a single display, such as TV on / off.

Darkening the room automatically dims the Google Home Hub display ...

It does not disturb sleep.

Google Home Hub compatible IoT devices are sold from more than 1000 brands in total of more than 10,000 types. There are four types of body color: gray white, black, light blue and light brown. The Google Home Hub is priced at $ 149 (approximately 16,000 yen), and is scheduled to be launched at stores in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia from October 22, 2018.

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