Amazon announces new hardware products built in Alexa at once, microwave ovens and wall clocks are compatible with Alexa

Amazon did a hardware new product launch meeting in autumn 2018. All products announced are products that utilize the AI ​​Assistant " Alexa ", including not only the Echo series of AI speakers, but also cameras, smart outlets, microwave ovens and wall clocks.

◆ 01: 3rd generation Echo Dot
The third generation of Echo's entry model "Echo Dot" appeared.

Echo Dot (3 rd Generation) | Alexa-enabled Bluetooth Speaker

It is designed to surround the cylindrical side by the speaker.

The usability of the 3rd generation Echo Dot can be confirmed in the following movie.

Amazon Echo 2018: New Echo Dot 3 rd Generation - YouTube

The 3rd generation Echo Dot is also released in Japan on October 30, 2018 at 5980 yen including tax (free shipping). Echo Dot (Echo Dot) 3rd Generation (New Model) - Smart Speaker with Alexa, Charcoal: Kindle Store

◆ 02: Echo Auto
Alexa terminal for car " Echo Auto " has appeared.

Echo Auto - The first Echo for your car

Echo Auto is a flat casing.

It is supposed to be placed on the car's dashboard for use. When Alexa terminal is introduced to the home, various instructions from the inside of the car become possible.

Echo Auto is scheduled to be released on for $ 49.99 (about 5600 yen), and it is a sale price of 24.99 dollars (about 2800 yen) at the time of article creation. However, it does not correspond to dispatch to Japan.

◆ 03: 2nd Generation Echo Show
The Alexa terminal "Echo Show" with display evolved to the second generation. All-new Echo Show (2nd Gen) - Premium sound and a vibrant 10 "HD screen - Sandstone: Amazon Devices

The 2nd generation Echo Show narrowed the bezel width, the back has been changed to fabric material.

The 2nd generation Echo Show will be released on December 12, 2018 in Japan with a tax of 22,480 yen. At the time of article writing, Philips' Hue lamp set also accepts pre-order with a price of 22,480 yen including tax. Echo Show, Black + Philips Hue White Gradient Single Lamp: Kindle Store

◆ 04: 2nd Generation Echo Plus
Vertical Echo terminal "Echo Plus" also evolved to second generation. All-new Echo Plus (2nd Gen) Bundle with Philips Hue Bulb - Sandstone: Amazon Devices

Compared to the first generation who was slim, it was a pounding design. The side speaker of 360 degrees is mounted.

Second generation Echo Plus sticking to sound incorporates 3 inch subwoofer and 0.8 inch tweeter.

The 2nd generation Echo Plus will be on sale on October 30, 2018 on Amazon, even in Japan, with a tax of 17,800 yen (free shipping). At the time of article creation, we also accept pre-ordered orders for Philips' Hue lamp set with a price of 17,800 yen including tax. Echo Plus (Echo Plus) 2nd Generation, Charcoal + Philips Hue White Gradient Single Lamp: Kindle Store

◆ 05: Fire TV Recast
A set-box type Fire TV terminal "Fire TV Recast" has also appeared.

Amazon Fire TV Recast, Over-the-air DVR

Fire TV Recast is a subsidiary Fire TV terminal that can record movies on 500 GB internal HDD. Also, you can transfer movie contents such as Amazon Prime Video to Alexa terminal in your home via Wi-Fi. For this reason, you can watch movies on Echo Show etc. with display.

You can also transfer images to mobile terminals such as smartphones using the Fire TV application.

Also, an optional HD antenna that sticks to the window can be added as an option, and you can also receive an American TV broadcast wave.

Fire TV Recast is available for US $ 229.99 (approximately 25,000 yen) on October 14, 2018 only on the US

◆ 06: AmazonBasics Microwave
Alexa is also put into the microwave oven.

AmazonBasics Microwave | Alexa Enabled -

"AmazonBasics Microwave" is an AmazonBasic-branded microwave oven, which allows speech sparseness by Alexa.

"Alexa, you can rewarm a cup of coffee" is exemplified, but whether it is practical or not is unknown.

By the way it seems like you can also make popcorn.

"AmazonBasics Microwave" will be released on October 14, 2018 at $ 59.99 (about 6800 yen). Whether it will be released in Japan or not is unknown.

◆ 07: Ring Stick Up Cam
Amazon, which bought a security camera Ring in February 2018, also built Alexa in the Ring camera. All-new Ring Stick Up Cam Wired HD Security Camera with Two-Way Talk and Siren, White, Works with Alexa: Amazon Devices

Alexa built-in security camera "Ring Stick Up Cam"

Like the previous Ring camera, you can operate the camera image remotely with a smartphone or the like. It is now possible to input various kinds of operations from voice using Alexa.

It can also be installed on the wall.

"Ring Stick Up Cam" will be released on October 18, 2018 at $ 179.99 (about 20,000 yen). The release schedule in Japan is unknown.

◆ 08: Amazon Smart Plug
Amazon A genuine smart plug "Amazon Smart Plug" which can operate Alexa was born.

Amazon Smart Plug | works with Amazon Alexa -

"Smart Smart Plug" is a smart plug that connects to an outlet and turns the power on / off. You can operate by voice with Alexa.

It is designed to be able to insert two in a general outlet.

With the Amazon Smart Plug you will be able to turn off most of the light with the sound "Alexa, turn off the light".

"Amazon Smart Plug" will be released on October 11, 2018 at $ 24.99 (about 2800 yen). The existence of the UK version of Amazon Smart Plug is known from the leak information beforehand, but the release in Japan at the time of article creation is undecided.

◆ 09: Echo Sub
A subwoofer "Echo Sub" that can be paired with Echo speakers has appeared.

Echo Sub | Powerful subwoofer for Echo Devices -

You can check Echo Sub in the following article.

Amazon's new product "Echo Sub" and "Amazon Smart Plug" information will be released before release - GIGAZINE

Echo Sub is also sold in Japan on 30th October 2018, and the price is 15,980 yen including tax (free shipping). Echo Sub (Echo Sub) - Subwoofer for Echo Series: Kindle Store

◆ 10: Echo Input
In America, "Echo Input" is newly introduced as Echo's cheapest model.

Echo Input | Bring Alexa to your own speaker -

Echo Inputo is a flat design.

Echo Input, cheaper than Echo Dot, is slim enough to be installed anywhere in the room.

"Echo Input" will be sold for US $ 34.99 (about 3900 yen), but the scheduled release date is undecided. Also, at the time of writing the article, the release schedule of Japan is unknown.

◆ 11: Echo Wall Clock
Amazon also announces Alexa's built-in wall clock "Echo Wall Clock". Alexa Gadgets: Amazon Devices & Accessories

It seems that you can use it like "Alexa, set a timer for 40 minutes for homework".

Furthermore, there is no more information than Eco Wall Clock scheduled to be released at $ 29.99 (about 3400 yen). When you register on the above product page, the latest information is delivered.

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