A movie that explains 'Which rumen surgically treated boobs shine with LED lights' is true?

In breast augmentation performed to enlarge the breast, surgery is performed to insert a silicone implant into the chest to enlarge the breast. Regarding such a breast augmentation surgery, the rumor that the Japanese TV program "I shine when applying the LED light to breasts who performed breast augmentation surgery" was verified and called a big reaction . A movie carefully explained by Mr. Ono Shinjuku, director of Shinjukuin in Tokyo Cosmetic Surgery , which performs cosmetic surgery , has been released on YouTube for such a rumor that "breasts that have performed breast augmentation glow with LED lights".

"Breast breast surgery chest glows with LED light" What is the attitude of your doctor? 【Tokyo Beauty Surgery Formula】

In front of Mr. Ono who explains, three objects like white buns and plastic bottles containing water are lined up.

Mr. Ono picked up an object like a manju in front of me. This object is also used for breast augmentation silicone implant. Silicon implants are used not only for breast augmentation for cosmetic purposes but also for surgery aimed at reconstructing breasts after surgery such as breast cancer.

"On the other day TV broadcasting, when we pressed the LED light on a patient who enriched with such a silicone implant, it is broadcast that the breasts will glitter and appear to float ..." Mr. Ono says. It seems that there were inquiries from many people after the TV broadcast, and it said that he created the commentary movie this time in response.

Silicon implants are made up of the internal silicon and the structure of the outer membrane.

In conclusion, it seems to be true that when you press the light strongly against the silicone implant so that it does not leak out, light seems to emerge like a light.

Actually, let's darken the room and press the light on the silicone implant and test it. When hitting a powerful LED light from afar, it is only illuminated as bright as ordinary objects ......

When I pressed the LED light strongly against the silicone implant, as if the silicone implant itself shone like a light cleanly.

Although it is said that there are some differences depending on the type of silicone implant, it is a fact that the contour of the silicon implant will emerge cleanly.

This mechanism seems to be basically the same principle as the wisdom that "PET bottle with water at the time of disaster replaces lamp" ....

Mr. Ono applied the LED light from the bottom to a plastic bottle with water, and the whole plastic bottle shone like a lamp. In principle similar to this, silicon implant also seems to shine like a lamp with intense light.

The fact that the shape of the silicone implant appears like a lamp can happen if the breast of a woman who performed a breast augmentation with silicon implant is pressed strongly against the LED light so that light does not leak out about.

Of course, how much it actually shines varies depending on various conditions. As the primary factor, Mr. Ono says, "Depending on how thick the mammary gland and subcutaneous fat of your own breast surrounding the silicone implant, the silicon implant will emerge, will change."

Briefly, if the original breast is small and the mammary gland or fat is small from the beginning, the silicon implant is inserted just under the skin ......

It is expected that the shape of silicon implant will emerge relatively clearly.

On the other hand, if the breast is originally abundant in the mammary gland or subcutaneous fat, or in the case of a person who inserts the silicon implant under the muscles, there is a possibility that the shape of the silicon implant will not emerge even if the LED light is applied And that.

Next, I will try to apply the LED light to a woman who performed breast augmentation with a silicone implant actually inserted and a woman who does not perform breast augmentation. First of all, I examined it with a woman who performed breast augmentation surgery.

This woman originally said that 200 cc of silicone implant is inserted into the breast of B cup. Immediately pressing the LED light on the breast ... ...

I figured out that the shape of the silicone implant was vaguely embossed. The light that is pushed immediately is similar to ordinary skin, but a blurred light emerges on the other side of the breast.

However, when the light is released, the shape of the silicon implant becomes unknown ... ...

The shape of the silicone implant can be understood by the light only when it is pressed completely so that light of the light does not leak out.

With light from close range and black light lighting, shapes will not stand out.

Also, there is no possibility that shape of silicon implant will emerge even with weak light like cellular phone light.

Subsequently, it is examined by a woman who does not perform breast augmentation surgery.

In this case, even when a strong LED light was pressed, the shape like a silicone implant did not appear.

By the way, when you hit the LED light on your breasts, the light that shines orange is not due to silicone implants, but because it passes through the structure of the human body.

For example, I applied an LED light to Mr. Ono's hand, but I could see orange light. In addition, it is understood that there is a silicone implant only when the entire shape of the silicon implant protrudes to the last because it does not concern whether or not the silicon implant glows around the part to which the light was applied orange.

The verification movie of this time is an answer to rumors that "When you put the LED light on breasts that did breast augmentation, it glows", it is an answer to rumors that it is the answer to rumors that if we put the LED light on breasts that actually performed breast augmentation, the shape of silicon implants will emerge It can happen.

However, Mr. Ono says that the form of the silicone implant may emerge only to the extent that it is impossible to leak very strong light to the outside and the original subcutaneous fat and mammary gland thickness is very thin " . In the everyday life there is not a situation that "there is no situation that it will be understood that carelessly inserting silicon implant".

In addition, this movie was created to remove anxiety of those who received breast augmentation surgery and those who are planning to receive from now, not a method to determine the presence or absence of silicone implants. In addition to silicon breast surgery for cosmetic purposes, silicon implants are also used in surgery to reconstruct breasts after surgery such as breast cancer, so it was said that they carried out breast augmentation just because they contained silicon implants It is necessary to be aware that it should not be. At the end of the movie, when actually pressing a strong LED light, there is a danger such as burned, so we asked the audience that "Please do not do things like imitation."

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