Does the dropped bust go back to original or not?

In conclusion, I will not return.

This is the result of the collaborative research between Wacoal and Shiseido. Although it does not return to the original, there is a way to delay.

Firstly, the bust is dropping, in short it explains why it hangs.
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First of all, three types of breast tissue, adipose tissue, and bundle of fibers called Cooper ligament are shaping bulging of the bust. , The bust's pendulum is the main cause of the fact that the Cooper ligament supporting the mammary gland tissue is stretched out, and the weakening of the skin covering the bust.

When you look further finer, you know that four factors will go down as you go down.

1: Aging
Changes in hormonal balance due to aging

2: gravity
Due to the weight of the bust itself it causes the bust covered skin and coopera ligament to grow. So it is easy for people with heavy busts to drop down.

3: Physical stimulus
Milk gland tissue and Cooper ligaments may be hurt by running with no bra and stimulation such as excessive breast massage, and it seems to lead to ptosis.

4: Trouble during pregnancy / childbirth
A hormone to make breast milk works, causing a change in the internal tissue of the breast, together with the increase in bust volume and troubles such as mastitis. It seems that if you neglect breast care at this time it will lead to ptosis.

And the way to delay the pendulence of the bottom.

First of all, make sure that the Cooper ligament supporting the inside of the bust is not subjected to a heavy load. When you are awake, use the correct size brassiere to support against gravity. It also applies elasticity to the skin that supports the bust by applying a gel or other essence. I do not know like to understand ....

By the way, I will check the following three points as to whether there is elasticity.

1: Form
In a bust with elasticity, there is a volume on the upper side (upper cup) of the breast, and the bust without tightness is shaped like the upper side grazed.

2: Hardness (elasticity)
When pushed so as to sandwich the side of the bust with both hands, the bust with elasticity is pushed back with a strong force, but the bust without tightness is weak, and there is a feel like being pushed into the back.

3: Skin surface
When pinching the breast surface with your thumb and index finger, the elastic bust is hard to pinch, and the bust without tightness can be pinched easily. Moreover, when stroking with the finger's belly, it seems that the skin of the bust with elasticity is fine and smooth.

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