What is the 'winning method of lotteries' that men practiced 14 times in lotteries?

Mr. Stephen Mandel, a Romanian economist, is known for winning the lottery 14 times, and in 1992 he gained a lot of money of 27 million dollars (about 3.45 billion yen at that rate) It is also known for doing. However, Mandel was not accidentally getting a large sum of money, he said that he aimed for a big hit and got it. The Hustle explains how actually you got a lot of money.

The man who won the lottery 14 times

Mr. Mandel who lived in Romania, which was a communist country at the time in the 1960s, was in great need of life. He had a wife and two children, but the salary paid from the country was 88 dollars a month (about 10,000 yen), he said he was not able to live very much. So, Mr. Mandel says "Let's make money somehow" is a natural way to think.

Mandel developed a proprietary method called "number picking algorithm" by studying mathematics for more than 10 years considering "How can we win the lottery?" He says, "By using this algorithm, we can accurately predict five numbers from six randomly appearing numbers", "If you select several numbers from several numbers like lotto and hit them all In the case of a lottery that can earn a winning amount such as 1, if you buy all the streets, etc. 1 is certain, but if you do such a thing it will be in the red letter So if you can predict multiple numbers in advance you can buy the lottery I will explain to my friends, "We will be able to drastically reduce the number, and we will collect the lottery purchase funds.

And Mandel who gathered war funds from friends actually purchased the lottery, succeeded in getting a superb money of 193,000 dollars (about 69.5 million yen at that rate), and to friends who funded it We also distributed warrants. However, according to Mr. Mandel, the number picking algorithm can not reliably predict five numbers. Indeed, Mandel purchased the lottery in Romania, although he chose a high probability of winning in his own investigation, it seems that there was luck in selling the first prize.

Even after distributing spending money, Mr. Mandel who had a lot of money left at hand, handed over bribes to officials and fled the country. Then, after moving through Europe, I will settle down in Australia. So he thinks of "to buy the lottery in full street" as an idea to surely take 1st prize in the lottery.

Normally, it is necessary to pay a much higher expenses than winning money such as 1 to purchase the lottery in all streets, which will be negative. However, if there is no one to win the first prize in the lottery, there is something called " carryover " that will be added to the next wage money, and as a result of carryover over and over , all streets Even when I bought a lot of lottery, it was sometimes positive. For example, in the case of a lottery choosing six numbers from 1 to 40 numbers, it is necessary to purchase 3,833,330 sheets for all streets, even if one lottery is a dollar (about 110 yen), it is $ 3.83 million (about 4 It is necessary to pay more than 200 million yen). However, if carryover accumulates and the winning money becomes 10 million dollars (about 1.1 billion yen), even if it purchases all streets it does not become a minus, and a cash worth of about three times of the amount paid is made You can get it.

Mandel watching over there has persuaded hundreds of people and succeeded in gathering war capital. And, the carryover will overlap many times, and you will make a moment with the lottery where the winning money is expensive. However, the Australian authorities who took note of Mr. Mandell have taken actions such as "to limit the number of purchased lotteries", and he can not make money in this way.

Later, Mandel, who began checking overseas lotteries, watched the "lottery" that is taking place in the state of Virginia in the United States. The lottery was not long after the start of operation, and the rule was very loose, such as "there is no limit on the number of purchases". Mandel set up an investment trust called International Lotto Fund (ILF) to collect new war capital, succeeded in collecting more than 9 million dollars (about 1.1 billion yen at that rate) from 2524 people. He was ready, he just waited for the timing when the lottery's winning money jumped largely.

And in February 1992, the amount of carryover reached 27 million dollars (about 3.45 billion yen at that rate). Finally, we will embark on the purchase of all the streets lotteries. Mr. Mandel hired 35 people to purchase more than 7 million lotteries, but he was unable to purchase about 22% of the lottery in trouble. However, as a result of having lucky luck in 78% of the lottery that I could purchase, he will succeed in getting a $ 27 million worth of money.

The way Mr. Mandell took was not in conflict with American laws or state laws, but we were to be suspicious from the American authorities, and we decided to fight for a four-year trial. Later, Mr. Mandel was to retire the lottery, although his allegiance was dissolved, in all states in the US "Law to prohibit the purchase of the lottery in all streets" will be made and eventually Mr. Mandel will retire the lottery It was.

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