A movie that verifies whether you can really become a billionaire by "I bought a lottery for 10 million yen"

byOlga DeLawrence

Also in 2017Year-end jumbo lotteryThe winner number was announced and it is supposed that several million millionaires are born nationwide. At the end of that year, there are 25 1 hundred million yen worth of jumbo lottery, 50 won first prize 150 million yen, but if you purchase how many of these are actually 1 Can we win the lottery worth over 100 million yen? I am doing various verifications making full use of the physical engineChannel artificial intelligenceI am calculating.

【Physics Engine】 Can you become a millionaire with "I bought a lottery for 10 million yen" - YouTube

YouTube and many others are raising "I bought a lottery ten thousand yen worth"Animation movie.

Although various people have challenged, it seems that a movie that actually won the lottery and became billionaire has not been released. As a matter of fact, "If you buy a lottery for 10 million yen, how much possibility is it to win the first prize and the prize?" ...

Year end of 2017 Jumbo lotteryIt is the movie of this time that I tried to verify how much you buy by using the data of 100 million yen wins.

At the end of the year jumbo lotteries printed 500 million copies of lottery.

Assuming that a lottery ticket is 0.1 mm, this means that 1000

10,000 sheets

Over 500 million pieces ......

It is 50 km in total length, which means that it will be over 13 times the height of Mt. Fuji. In addition, it costs 1.37 million years if you buy one piece a day.

To purchase all the 500 million year-end jumbo lottery, it costs 300 billion yen, so it costs 150 billion yen.

When we pile up 10,000 yen bills, we have 100 million yen in this.

When it becomes 150 billion yen, the mountain of 10,000 yen bill is exactly necessary.

On the other hand, if you add up 500 million jumps in the end of the year jumbo lottery, it will be 74.9 92.5 million yen. This is 49.995% of sales of 500 million lottery tickets.

It will be to divide this 74,992.5 million yen by people who purchased the lottery ... ...

It will occupy the red area of ​​the entire sponsors with a total of 1.7 billion yen × 25 pieces. This is equivalent to about 23% of the total wage.

The winnings for the front and back prize will be green area. Since the front and back prize is 150 million yen × 50 pieces, when the front and back prize is combined with 1 etc etc., it accounts for about 33% of the total amount of winnings and occupies one third of the total.

Only 75 bottles of warranty exceed 100 million yen.

In other words, if you win the lottery (500 million pieces: 50 km) that exceeds 100 million yen (75 pieces: 7.5 mm) you will be a billionaire.

If we place a lottery with a spiraling worth more than 100 million yen at equal intervals in other tickets, we can get this one in about 666 m "to the millionaire It is said that there is a ticket to be made.

As the lottery is 300 yen per piece, you can buy 3.33 meters at 10 million yen ... ...

Zakkuri If you calculate "About buying lottery ten thousand yen" about 200 times, you will end up winning tickets exceeding 100 million yen once.

In other words, if you do planning that "buy lottery ten thousand yen" every year for 10 people, the moment will come when you win a lottery of hundreds of millions of yen within 20 years.

There are 50 million copies for 7, 3, 300 yen, and 5 million copies for 6, 3 and 3 yen. If this is indicated by the total wage amount of the lottery ticket, it will be a lot of money to occupy the purple area. In terms of numbers, 6 and 7, etc., total 7 billion yen, which is 40% of the total.

So, I actually verified what happens if I keep buying until the 1st etc is shown in the lottery.

Of course, we do not actually buy it but calculate it using the physical engine and derive "How much does one win a ball?

First of all, randomly distribute 500 million lottery tickets to the ground, and when a person in the center of the screen touches a ticket, it purchased it.

The same number as the year-end jumbo lottery of 2017 is assigned to the lottery scattered on the ground ... ...

The hit number is the same.

So I started simulation immediately. The number of lottery purchased · the amount used · the number of the lottery you purchased · the amount of the winning amount · the total amount of the winning bid are all displayed in the upper left of the screen at the same time and how many copies each winning ceremony is displayed in the upper right of the screen.

Although I was walking around the ground and purchasing one piece one by one ... ....

Because I only got a bad result that I bought 100 copies and hit 3300 yen ... ...

I will go explosively at a stroke.

If you purchase several hundred pieces at once, ...

I bought 300 copies, so I spent 5, 10, 10 yen.

By this means that even a large sum of money will not come out ......

10,000 pieces of lottery (3 million yen worth) ......

I will purchase it all together.

When I try it several times, it is 4, 3, 3 etc · Until the incompatibility "I get hit pretty". In the following cases the usage amount is 3 million yen, the total spending amount is about 1.9 million yen.

Probabilistically, if you do this about 2000 times, you should expect 1, etc ... ...

Since it is also troublesome, I will do more explosive buying.

The following figure shows a bundle of 10,000 lotteries (3 million yen) stacked vertically arranged over 50 meters. This will be a lottery for about 1 billion yen.

As I run this while buying it at once, ... ...

1 · etc. · Although there was no prize in front and back, the total amount of winnings will exceed 100 million. However, the amount used is over 1 billion yen more than doubled.

Continue this way of buying 4 times ......

Finally I finished 1st class.

The lottery tickets purchased so far are about 13 million pieces (3.9 billion yen).

There is no such system as Soshage as "There is a set of 2 or more in 10 sets"! So to win a large sum of money in real lotteries, of course there is luck also need continuing power to keep buying tightly over long periods I understand well.

However, if you are a millionaire who can buy it at a stroke as follows, you can possibly "win once" a hundred million high prize winnings.

In the simulation, we have purchased lotteries of 1 billion yen four times, and the total amount of winning is as follows.

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