A perverted smartphone 'OPPO Find X' review in which a camera unit jumps out for a true bezelless without notch Review, I experienced the cutting edge of smartphone technology

China's smartphone maker " OPPO " which finally gained popularity in the world by selling smartphones all over the world with ambitious real store sales, attracting popularity on the design side, such as issuing the world's thinnest smart phone " R5 " We released a terminal " Find X " which is also called "full screen smartphone" of 93.8%. It is an ambitious work of OPPO that makes a distinction from other companies' terminals, such as adopting a unique gimmick that the camera unit appears from the bottom of the display to realize a true bezelless display that does not even have "notches" like the iPhone X. Smartphones The state-of-the-art technology of the company was checked.

OPPO Find X - A Panoramic Design, Out of Ordinary - OPPO Global

◆ Opening · Appearance check
Find X is in a dark blue × orange box.

"OPPO" logo on the side.

Orange box when sliding from the box. It will be informed that OPPO emphasizes "luxury" from package.

The contents were Find X body, exclusive protective cover, SIM takeout pin, simple instruction manual, Type-C USB cable, AC adapter, earphone, cloth to wipe off dirt.

Find X is a smartphone that adopted a curve edge line where the edge of the display curved. It is a line similar to Samsung's Galaxy S series and Xiaomi's " Mi Note 2 ".

The backside, the whole of which is covered with glass, varies in purple color depending on the viewing angle, the beauty which is not to be said well said.

It is higher than iPhone X in terms of luxury coming from the design. Among numerous smartphones, it can be said that "level of luxury of the highest grade" of the level which is in line with " Xiaomi Mi MIX ".

There was a "Find X" logo under the back.

Volume button on the left side

When looking at the curved edge carefully, a protective film stuck. The degree of difficulty of installing the protective film on the curve edge is high and we can not use the protective glass film, so it is safe to have the protective film already mounted correctly already.

Power button on the right side

The upper part of the display is bezelless. There is not even a camera unit, but when it sees closely it only carries speakers.

The top surface is a unique shape with a dent.

SIM slot, type-C USB port, microphone, speaker are equipped on the bottom with the wells in the same way.

Opening the SIM slot with the Oppo logo shaped pin ......

Nano SIM size slot. A SIM card can be mounted on the front and back, and it corresponds to DSDS .

The dirt on the back, especially fingerprints, stands out, so maintaining beauty is pretty laborious .... Therefore, it seems that cloth is attached.

In Find X that adopts the glass back edge on the curve edge, it is realistic to use a protective cover (case) in consideration of the risk of damage. Therefore, a special protective cover is attached.

The included clear protective cover is made of plastic, which reduces the gloss and reduces the beauty of the body by half.

Find X The top feature is not covered because it corresponds to "Stealth 3D Camera" which is the biggest feature, which pops out from the top.

The bottom is also cut, you can withdraw the SIM card as well as charging with the cover attached.

◆ I tried using
· Display - When you turn on the power, the screen occupancy rate of 93.8% will be amazed by the display. It is not a notch design with notches like the iPhone X, but full-sized bezelless display adopts organic EL and is impressive level of beauty.

It is like this when GIGAZINE is displayed. The screen resolution of the 6.4 inch organic EL display is 1080 × 2340 pixels, and thanks to the bezelless design, the amount of information in the vertical direction is considerably large.

· Spec & Benchmark
Find X adopts Qualcomm 's Snapdragon 845 for SoC, has 8 GB of memory, 256 GB of UFS storage and has the highest specifications of the current Android smartphone. OS adopts original OS "ColorOS 5.1" based on Android 8.1.

When measuring the score with the benchmark application " Antutu 3 DBench " it is over "280,000".

" Geekench 4 " has single core of "2311" and multicore of "7998". You can see that SoC performance is in the fastest category without complaining.

· Web browsing and movie viewing
Find X has no home button and no fingerprint sensor. Therefore, the unique UI that uses "corner" and "end" at the bottom of the screen is adopted. Web browsing with Find X or browsing movies You can see how to operate by looking at the following movie.

Operation method of bezeless screen of full screen smartphone "OPPO Find X" is like this - YouTube

It says that it is difficult to get used to "getting the application history (sleep application)" operation of "returning" "to hang the horn diagonally upward" and "slowly pulling up the bottom edge of the screen", operation with one hand is quite difficult I can not help it. Although it is the UI which is the result of excluding the home button pursuing "Bezelless display", I felt obediently wanting to add a software button of "back" "home" "history" of Android standard obviously.

· Stealth 3D Camera - Thanks to the stealth camera unit "Stealth 3D Camera" that made the notch unnecessary bezelless display realize. So, you can check the movement of the camera, which is the biggest feature of Find X, in the following movie.

The movement of the camera "Stealth 3D Camera" projecting full screen smartphone "OPPO Find X" looks something like this - YouTube

The camera of Find X is not a pop-up formula like " Vivo Apex ", but a type in which the entire upper portion slides out from under the display. A camera unit with a face authentication function is equipped with an infrared camera and a dot projector and is a 3D type that carries out dot authentication at 15,000 places in the face, said that OPPO is "safe 20 times fingerprint authentication" so to speak. Apple said that "TrueDepth camera will go 2.5 years ahead of Android" when announcing "FaceID" adopted on iPhone X, but OPPO seems to have caught up in less than a year.

Dual cameras with 20 million pixels + 16 million pixels are mounted on the rear. Together with the 25 million pixel front, all three cameras adopt a bright lens with an F value of 2.0.

Face authentication
Find X has no fingerprint authentication function, only the face authentication function using stealth 3D camera. The quickness of unlocking by face authentication can be confirmed in the following movie.

The quickness of facial authentication unlocking with slide camera of full screen smartphone "OPPO Find X" looks like this - YouTube

The accuracy of face authentication is as high as iPhone X. Since the release speed is considerable, if you do not request swipe for authentication operation by checking "Swipe up when screen is on" in "Setting" application, you can not check screen notification or time is. Since it is 3D type face authentication, it is the same as iPhone X that can unlock even in a dark place.

◆ Impressions: "Find X" sent out by momentum OPPO that drops birds flying in India and Southeast Asia not only in China is an ambitious work that adopted a sliding camera to achieve the highest screen share. It is a complaintless flagship model that introduces all technologies that can be held, such as adopting a 3D type using a dot projector for face authentication function in order to eliminate even the home button, it is a terminal that shows the technical power of OPPO It can be said.

However, how good or bad the evaluation of Find X evaluates this 'bezelless design with screen occupancy ratio of 93.8%'? I think that it is exhausted in the point that it is. Slide-type stealth 3D cameras incorporated to realize the bezelless display are driven by motors and are subject to breakdown risks. Although OPPO appeals as "to have durability to withstand 300,000 times of opening and closing", if you look at the camera unit that closes while sucking dust and dust, you can easily worry about it. Also, the way the camera slides to lock the screen is a gimmick that tickles the man's heart very much, but you will be forced to wait a few seconds. The standby state encountered each time the lock is released is an unexpected stress element, and several seconds of the comma sliding the camera can be a risk of missing a shutter opportunity.

Unfortunately, the organic EL display adopted by Find X has a considerably narrow viewing angle in the sense that it expresses accurate color, and there is a disadvantage that the display becomes reddish as soon as the screen is tilted.

Although Find X has no complaints on the spec side, there is no doubt that it has the performance of the highest peak of the current Android smart phone, but the sliding camera mechanism incorporated to realize "full screen display" and its own screen Disadvantages in terms of operability and ease of use such as operating methods are conspicuous. Likewise, beautiful enclosures employing glass are in side-by-side relationship with the risk of breakage.

Although it is a beautiful glass back panel, the risk of damage at fall is not a ratio of metal materials.

The beautiful curved design is also a "slippery slippery and hard to hold" design, it is a sword blade.

There is no doubt that we can greatly evaluate OPPO's challenge that made the presence of unique and unique in smartphones that performance is capped and difficult to differentiate, but Find X is a smartphone that can be recommended for everyone I can not say. It is an honest impression that it is a terminal that is prepared to accept various disadvantages to experience the cutting edge of smartphone technology.

OPPO Find X, which is not planned to be released in Japan at the time of article creation, has a 128 GB storage & Bordeaux Red color terminal used in the review sold at GearBest at 93 thousand yen.

OPPO Find X 4G Phablet English and Chinese Version - $ 799.99 Free Shipping | GearBest.com

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