I tried using 'SESAME mini' which turns a smartphone into a house key

" SESAME mini " born from the idea of ​​"to change the smartphone to a key for unlocking the door" is a smart lock developed by CANDY HOUSE , installation and operation are very easy. I tried using the real thing that I got to the editorial department as to what ease of use it is.


◆ Exterior review - The package is based on emerald green design.

In addition to the SESAME mini itself, the package includes SESAME mini, Wi-Fi access point, Phillips screwdriver, four screws, height adjustment adapter, spare double-sided tape, SESAME mini instruction manual, support contact, Wi-Fi access point There was an instruction manual of it.

The size of SESAME mini is 92.7 mm × 57 mm, and compared with iPhone 8 Plus, this size

The depth is 54.5 mm.

Weight is 142 g in actual measurement.

The exterior of SESAME mini has a large knob at the bottom and it looks like a normal door lock.

In the upper right is mark of "G" of GIGAZINE, but you can specify the mark as an option when ordering SESAME mini.

The double-sided tape and the bottom for fixing to the door on the back side, the dead bolt had base for fixing the knob of the door lock of the type.

The door lock that can install SESAME mini applies to the following specifications. It corresponds to a door lock of a dead bolt type popularized in general boats in Japan. However, even if it meets specifications, it does not correspond to a door lock which can not be unlocked unless the knob is rotated more than 360 degrees at the time of article creation. Even if there is no foundation, you can use it if you can fix the knob with SESAMI mini.

Even in the case of a keyhole type with no knob, you can use SESAMI mini if ​​you keep the key inserted.

The top of the SESAME mini was a battery case, with two CR 123 A batteries inside. According to CANDY HOUSE, it is said that it can be used for about 500 days with the battery full.

Next, I will look at the Wi-Fi access point. This device is used for unlocking via the Internet, small enough to be in the palm ... ...

It has become a simple design with a USB terminal on the back side.

◆ Actual installation <br> <br> This time, I will install it in this deadbolt type door which was the only one in the editorial department.

Remove all SESAME mini double sided tape ......

Paste the knob of the door so that it firmly fixes with the base of the back side of the main body

After pasting it became like this.

It is also possible to lock the door by turning the knob of SESAMI mini directly.

Next, remove the insulation cover inside the battery box, start up SESAME mini, installation is completed.

In order to operate SESAME mini from smartphone, you need Sesame application, so install the application on smartphone. Sesame application has iOS version and Android version, but this time I will install iOS version. Access the following URL on the iOS terminal.

"Sesame, by CANDY HOUSE" on the App Store

Tap "Get".

Tap "Install".

Tap "Open".

Tap "Allow".

Tap "Always allow".

Since you need to register an account, tap "Register / Login with CANDY HOUSE".

Tap "Register".

Enter your name in "First Name", "Last Name", Mail Address in "Email", Password to register in "Password" and tap "Register".

As the "Verify Email Address" dialog is displayed, tap "OK".

After checking the verification code arrived at the registered e-mail address ......

Enter the verified number in "Verification Code" and tap the "Verify" button.

As the screen of "NEW SESAME" is displayed, tap the "+" button in the center.

As "Screen name" screen is displayed, enter the name of SESAME mini (gigazine in this case) to register and tap "Next".

When "Select Sesame" screen is displayed, tap so that SESAME mini that was installed earlier is displayed at the top.

Tap "Add".

Tap "Pairing".

When "Registration done!" Is displayed, tap "Next".

When the "Set lock position" screen is displayed ......

Turn the knob of SESAME mini and turn it to the point where it actually locks.

Tap 'Settings'

Then "Unlock position setting screen" is displayed.

Here, turn the knob of SESAME mini to the position to be unlocked ... ...

Tap "Settings".

Setup is now complete.

◆ Actual use <br> Actually using the Sesame application, the movie that unlocked the door becomes the following. When you see this movie, you can see that locking and unlocking doors can be done by tapping "knob" displayed in the Sesame application.

I tried locking / unlocking the door with "SESAMI mini" using the smartphone as a key - YouTube

Tap "Knob" displayed on the smartphone while locked ... ...

The door lock will be unlocked instantly.

Once again, when you tap "Knob" ... ...

The door was locked and the door did not open.

In addition to operating from the Sesame application, SESAME mini can be unlocked using "knock function" and "unlocking handwriting". "Knock function" is a function to unlock by the application knocking the smartphone 3 times at background execution. "Hand unlocking" is a function to unlock automatically when approaching SESAME mini. Here, I will try "knock function". Tap the "Menu" button at the top left of the app ... ...

Tap "Set" button of gear.

Tap the "knock & unlocking" button ... ...

Tap the bottom part of "knock function".

Then a map is displayed and a confirmation screen of SESAME mini's current location is displayed, so tap "CHECK THIS LOCATION" to complete the setting.

You can check the unlocking state actually using the knock function with the following movie.

I tried the knock function with "SESAME mini" which changes the smartphone to the key of the house - YouTube

Knocking the smartphone three times with the Sesame application running in the background ... ....

The lock is automatically unlocked and you can open the door.

◆ Unlocking the key via the Internet <br> Next I will try unlocking the lock via the Internet. Insert the USB power adapter into the outlet near the SESAME mini and connect the Wi-Fi access point.

Tap the menu button in the upper left corner of the Sesame application.

Scroll to the left.

Tap "+" button.

Since the screen of "Add a WiFi module!" Appears, also tap the "+" button here.

When "WiFi module screen" is displayed, tap "WiFi module" at the top.

As the name setting screen of the WiFi module is displayed, enter the name (here sesami) and tap "Name".

"Wi-Fi access point (2.4 GHz band) connection screen" is displayed, so tap the 2.4 GHz band access point.

On the password entry screen, enter "Password" and tap "Join Network".

Tap "Done".

Tap "+" button.

"Pairing setting screen of Wi-Fi access point and SESAME mini" is displayed, so tap SESAME mini (gigazine) set earlier.

Since "registration completion screen" is displayed, tap "completed". This completes the setting.

Even if I actually disconnect Bluetooth on iOS ......

The state of the door lock and the lock state of the Sesame application are synchronized, and it was possible to lock the door through the Internet. In the environment of the editorial department, we were able to perform the locking / unlocking operation within 5 seconds, so it seemed convenient to use.

◆ Try opening and closing doors with voice operation
SESAME mini can use the voice operation to manipulate door locking. At the time of article writing, it corresponds to operation with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and this time try to operate on Android terminal. Since it is necessary to link with IFTTT in order to operate with Google Assistant, pre-setting is done with the Sesame application. Tap "Management" in the lower left.

Tap "Change setting".

Tap "Cloud" button.

The cloud cooperation function became effective, and cooperation with the service with IFTTT etc became possible.

Next, set up with the IFTTT application installed on Android terminal. Open "My Applets" in the IFTTT application and tap the "+" button in the upper right corner.

Tap "this"

From the "New Applet screen" tap "Google Assistant".

Tap "Say a simple phrase".

Enter the word to unlock ("Hiragake sesame" here) to "What do you want to say?", Tap "English" and tap "Japanese" from the pull-down box. Then tap "Create trigger".

Then tap "that".

From "New Applet", tap "Sesame by CANDY HOUSE".

Tap "Open Sesame" to open the door.

As the connection screen with SESAME mini is displayed, tap "Connect".

As the CANDY HOUSE login screen is displayed, enter the account information registered during SESAME mini setup and tap "Login".

Tap "Authorize".

Then, a screen to set which SESAME mini's lock to unlock is displayed. Tap "Which Sesame?" And tap the terminal (gigazine) to operate.

Tap "Create action".

Tap "Finish" and the setting is completed.

You can check the unlocking of the door lock by voice operation with the following movie. When you see the movie, you can confirm that the door is unlocked in about 5 seconds after instructing it.

I locked the locked door with SESAMI mini by voice operation - YouTube

Then, after actually locking with SESAME mini, I tried ordering "Hiragame sesame" with Google Assistant ... ...

The door was unlocked in about a few seconds.

SESAME mini also has the following functions besides this, so that even if you use it with more than one person, there is no problem.
· Key unlocking history check function · Key sharing function · Temporary key lending function

SESAME mini is a set of the main body and Wi - Fi access point, including tax of 19,800 yen. However, during the period from August 28, 2018 to October 30, 2018, Makuake at the Cloud Funding site also carries pre-order sale at the sale price. In preliminary reservations, the set content changes according to the course you purchase. In addition, if you purchase the "51,600 yen course" during the month of 2018, even if you choose another course, it is scheduled to be shipped in February 2019

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If you exceed the pre-order sale period, you can purchase from the following site. This site is not sold for each course as mentioned above, it is possible to purchase SESAMI mini and Wi - Fi access point individually.


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