The earth is becoming the hottest in the past 120,000 years of history

The temperature observed in July 2016, July 2017, July 2018 is recorded as the top 3 of the hottest month. Stephan Larmostov, director of Earth system analysis at the Potsdam Climate Impact Research Institute, said, "The temperatures recorded in July of these three times are the top three in the history of about 120,000 years."

July 2018 Global Temperature Update
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Earth is the warmest it's been in about 120,000 years

The average temperature during the inter-Aymian glacial period from about 130,000 years ago to 115,000 years ago is considered to be 1 to 2 degrees Celsius higher than at 2018, which means that it was a very temperate climate I already know. Although we can not observe the temperature at this time, we can easily predict from the inclination of the axis of rotation of the earth etc.

Mr. Lamstof said that the temperature in July in recent years is the highest among the past 120 thousand years as seen from the temperature transition predicted in the inter-Aionian glacier period and the transition of the average temperature when the observation started from 1880 I thought. "I know that July in 2018 was the third hotest after 2016 and 2017. And these temperatures are the hottest even from the Aemian interglacial age of 120,000 years ago I should post it on Twitter.

Mr. David Black, Associate Professor of Paleoclimatology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, also said, "There is no doubt that the summer in recent years was the hottest in the period of about 150,000 to 100,000 years ago," , I have the same view as Mr. Lamstof. Also, Jennifer Marlon, who is conducting research at the Yale University Faculty of Forest Environment Studies, said, "If you assert that the summer is the hottest in the summer, there will be no problem," he said, learning all the past temperatures It is said that it is in the present condition that it can be said that it is "the hottest" even without it.

As of 2018, it has not reached the peak temperature of the inter-ice age of the Ae-mean, but global warming in recent years far exceeds the pace of the temperature rise that occurred during the interglacial period. What is considered to be a major cause of this is a greenhouse gas which is burned by burning coal etc, and some scientists say, "If we can not shift to clean energy, the earth will be in the same state as the Ae-Amanian glacier in the near future And the sea level will rise by 6 m to 9 m ".

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