Research results that overturn the theory that "the cause of climate change is the sun" will be announced

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It belongs to the desert climate zone in 2013Snow that has been in Egypt since 1979It is falling, even in Japan(PDF file) The summer average temperature in western Japan recorded the highest temperature in 1946 and beyondExtreme climate change has been confirmed, such as doing. Despite various theories of climate change occurring frequently in the past, the heat caused by solar activity has been thought to be the main cause, but the University of Edinburgh investigated the data of the past 1000 years However, it turned out that there are other causes.

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Small influence of solar variability on climate over the past millennium: Nature Geoscience: Nature Publishing Group

University of EdinburghThe Earth Science Department's research team visualized climate change over the past 1000 years gathered from every record including tree annual rings and coral reefs and investigated the relationship of solar activity change, volcanic activity and greenhouse effect gas. As a result of the survey, it turned out that the temperature change of the earth surface is hardly influenced by the activity of the sun, and it seems that it will overturn the theory which it is up to now.

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It is one of the longest climatic variations during the past 1000 years, which continued from the mid-14th century to the mid-19th centurySmall ice ageWas spouted into the atmosphere mainly due to volcanic eruptionaerosol, It was found that the main reason was that the sunlight reaching the earth was blocked and also the climate change that continues since 1900 is not influenced by the greenhouse effect gas emitted by humans but by the sun It also turned out that there was.

Greenhouse gas, which is considered to be the cause of climate change since 1900, is a gas that absorbs a part of the infrared rays radiated from the ground and produces a greenhouse effect.World Meteorological Organization(Common name: WMO) has announcedGraph, The emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) has been rapidly increasing since around 1900 and the average concentration of greenhouse gases in 2013 isRecord the highest value everI also know what I did.

Dr. Andrew Schurer, leader of the research team at the University of Edinburgh, said: "Scientists seem to have committed a big mistake about the impact of solar activity on climate change.This discovery is a reflection of the temperature change of the past and future I look forward to great help with research. "

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