Kodansha's manga app 'Comic DAYS' that you can enjoy fulfilling content free of charge and read as many as 15 manga magazines monthly

Kodansha's manga application comic DAYS , which had been buzzing since the release was able to read the latest issue of six kinds of manga magazines at a monthly price of 720 yen, not only the subscription of interest but also content which is serialized free of charge is fairly substantial Besides, it is an application that can make "the best manga experience" just as it comes with a bonus that you can buy a favorite number of stories and buy a book for a regular subscription, so subscribe to the free content while enjoying free content I tried the free trial of.

Comic DAYS

"Comic DAYS - Yang Maga, Subscriptions such as Morning is Great!" On the App Store

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Tap "Install" from store app page

Tap "Open" when installation is completed

On the top page of comic DAYS, the work most recently updated is displayed on the screen full. Tap "more" to see other updated works.

Updated pieces of the day of the week on which the application was opened are lining up. Since comic DAYS is updated at noon, attention is necessary because it is the update of the previous day that is displayed in the morning.

As you further scroll, the recommended series of other days are listed. Tap "View more series list" to see more series works.

Tap on the days of the week you want to check as the series is listed for each day of the week when the series is updated. You can move to the work page by tapping the thumbnail of the work.

The work page looks something like this.

Basic series of comic DAYS basically you can read the first few story free of charge at any time, you need to purchase the number of talks that are displayed in yellow like "110 pts" in points. The latest story that can be read at a fee point seems to be updated at the time of book release.

In addition, "Chloron" is updated every Saturday for each episode for a limited time, you can also read this update for free. Although the update date is displayed in each talk number, this is not the date and time of free update but the release date of the application or the book release, it is not a reference for the free period, so be careful.

Not only can you purchase one episode but also purchase books from the work page. Tap the cover page of the book you want to purchase.

As with single talk, you can purchase at points.

Viewer of comic DAYS looks like this. Tap the menu icon on the top right ... ...

You can add your work to My List and make it easy to access, or you can share your favorite work with SNS.

You can also register to My List from the works page. It is a little confusing, but it is completed when it becomes a check mark from plus mark.

Works registered in My List can be accessed from "Bookshelf" in the menu.

In addition to the series works of each day, content that can be enjoyed for free was enriched. If you tap "Find" on the application menu, "Special feature" which is open to the full for series restart remembrance etc ... ....

You can check free works for "male magazine" and "female magazine".

Also, when you tap the magnifying glass icon on the "find" page ......

You can also search for works directly from the input form.

Although free series etc. are also substantial, the point of note of comic DAYS is the subscription of comic magazine. We read the latest issue of 6 magazines of weekly magazines "Young Magazine" "Morning", monthly magazine "Afternoon", biweekly magazine "Evening", women's manga magazine "Kiss" "BE · LOVE" at 720 yen a month An excellent one that can be done. Tap "Subscription" from the menu and tap the latest issue of Young Magazine ......

Introduction page of "Comic DAYS premium" which can subscribe is displayed. If you register here, you can subscribe to magazines not only, but also the point that you can purchase a number of talks and books for a fee comes monthly plenty. Since it is said that the first month can be registered for free, tap 'I will try it free on 30th!'.

Before joining the comic DAYS premium, you must first register as a member. Tap "register free membership".

Enter your email address and password and tap "Free member registration".

Since "Mail has been sent" is displayed, I will go check the mail.

Since a confirmation email has arrived, tap the URL described in the email.

Your free member registration is now complete. Tap "Open comic DAYS application" to return to the application.

Tap again "Try it free on 30th!"

Although the first month is free, it will automatically be paid the next month 30 days after registration, so you need to forget to cancel the subscription when you do not feel like keeping the premium just by trying. Tap "subscription".

I was able to register premium. Tap "Done" to return to the magazine page.

In Comic DAYS Premium, you can read No. 4 including the latest issue in weekly magazines as well as the latest issue at the time of registration.

In addition, the monthly magazine was published as a back number until the previous issue.

On the other hand, even if you are premium registered, the expiration date will be over in about a month. You can not read such as reading a little previous issue or reading a favorite piece for a year and read it back, but instead you can get 200 points each month with Omake, so you can read over the number of stories you like, for plenty It is recommended to secure a book of favorite works.

Comic DAYS was paying attention only to reading six magazines by subscription, but since the series which can be enjoyed free of charge was also substantial, it is recommended to try a free trial of premium for the time being while enjoying free series. If you use it together with a wide magazine pocket that you can enjoy for free as well, you can enjoy Kodansha comics free of charge, so if you check the set with those who use only either, you will get "the best manga experience Has been able to do.

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