'Magadira brave man enthusiast' trailer release, drawing a love of destiny over 400 years Ringturning incarnation Love romance

A trailer video of S. S · Raja Mauri 's movie' Magadira Yusha Tenshin 'that produced "The Birth of the Burf Bali Legend" and "The Triumph of the Burger Bali " was released. It is a big hit work that recorded a long hit exceeding 1000 days in India.

"Magadira brave man enthusiast" preview video - YouTube

The hero is Byrava, the warrior of the Udagal kingdom guards army. Mr. Mitra is a close relationship, but the military commander Lana Dave was plotting a conspiracy to make the kingdom and the princess ours.

Then 400 years later in modern times, Bai Lava incarnates a motorcycle racer Harsha. At one time, I touch the finger of a woman that I met by chance in the town, and the memory of the previous life is revived.

This work is "Ring Renki Love Romance" beyond the 400 years, against the "Burf Bali" two-part work of two generations of father and child, and the scale is not lost also "Burufubari" . Also, there are enough helicopter and bike actions that will appear in "Mission Impossible: Fall Out" which is currently open now. At the time of production in 2009, it was made over 400 million rupees (about 640 million yen), the highest amount ever recorded as a Telugu language movie, and it is a work that became a long run hit exceeding 1000 days.

From Saturday, August 31, 2018 Shinjuku Piccadilly, Namba Parks and elsewhere will be a nationwide sequential road show, so please take a closer look at this opportunity. The screening theater is as follows.

Movie "Magadira Yusha Tensei" theater information

· Shinjuku Piccadilly: 8/31 (Friday) ~
· Yuzuk Asagaya: September 22 (Saturday) ~
· Kawasaki Cinecitta: 8/31 (Friday) ~
· Odawara Corona Cinema World: 9/7 (Friday) ~
· Cinemarin: Coming soon · Nagano Roxyie: Coming soon · Dinos Cinemas Sapporo Theater: 8/31 (Friday) ~
· MOVIX Reward: 8/31 (Friday) ~
· Midland Square Cinema: 8/31 (Friday) ~
· Nakagawa Corona Cinema World: 9/7 (Friday) ~
· MOVIX Miyoshi: 8/31 (Friday) ~
· Solder Corona Cinema World: 9/7 (Friday) ~
· Komaki Corona Cinema World: 9/7 (Friday) ~
· Ogaki Corona Cinema World: Coming soon · Kanazawa Corona Cinema World: 9/7 (Friday) ~
· Fukui Corona Cinema World: 9/7 (Friday) ~
· Namba Parks Cinema: 8/31 (Friday) ~
· MOVIX Sakai: 8/31 (Friday) ~
· Kobe International Shochiku: 9/8 (Saturday) ~
· Tsukaguchi Sansan Theater: Coming Soon · Outingomachi: 9/15 (Saturday) ~
· Cinema · Clair 9/29 (Saturday) ~
· Ufotable CINEMA: Coming soon · KBC Cinema: Coming soon · Ogura Corona Cinema World: 9/7 (Friday) ~
· Nagasaki Central Theater: 9/28 (Friday) ~
· Kagoshima Gardens Cinema: 10/20 (Saturday) ~
· Sakurazaka Theater: Coming soon

◆ "Magadira hero reincarnation" information <br> Director-screenwriter: SS Raja Mauri production: Arru-Aravindo, BVSN Prasad shooting: KK Sentiru Kumar Music:. M.M Kiravani Cast: Rahm Charan, Kajaru-Aguruwaru, Surihari, Dave Gill, Sneir, Sarat Barb Title: MAGADHEERA (2009 / India / Telugu / Cineco / 139 min)
Subtitle Translation: Mika Fujii Japanese Subtitle Supervision: Keiko Yamada Distribution: Twin

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