We tried all 3 kinds such as house 'selected and popular shop beef pork keema curry' which reproduced popular curry selected by 'eating log' with high quality retort

Gourmet site Website in the eating log There are 3 types of curries from Osaka, Chiba and Yokohama 100 stores among the 100 most popular curry users The house " selected and popular store " reproduced with a retort pouch All three types are available in August 2018 It will appear on the day. I was able to get "Beef Pork Keema Curry", "Rich Butter Chicken Curry" and "Special Beef Curry" at the end, so I tried to taste the curry at the famous store with a retort.

"Eating log curry hundred name store 2017" appeared as retort curry! House "Selected and Popular Store" Series Release from August 13 nationwide | News Release | Company Information | House Food

Retort Curry's "Selected and popular shop" series was selected as one of the 100 restaurants " Eat Log 100 Hundred Shops 2017 " that got a high reputation from users as restaurant curry's famous restaurant on the gourmet site eating log of restaurants It is a product that you can taste curry with retort pouch. From the left, the lineup is " Open Beef Pork Keema Curry", "Rich Butter Chicken Curry", "Special Beef Curry" and all the prices are open price .

The way to warm the three items is the same, there are ways to warm up with a microwave oven and warm it with hot water. This time it warms with hot water, but if you can warm up with a microwave oven it is 1 minute 50 seconds with a 500 W microwave, 1 minute 20 seconds at 600 W, 700 w at 1 minute.

The retort pouches inside are of the same type and all are like this.

◆ Popular shop Beef Pork Keema Curry "Selected and popular shop Beef pork keema curry" (open price) is a popular shop of pioneer spice curry that made spice of Osaka birth, former Yam of Osaka Karibori It is curry supervised by the mansion .

The content is 150 g, and raw materials include "burdock", "bunshimeji", "Mizuwaki", "red pepper", "konnyaku", "other Japanese style miso", "soy sauce", "bonito powder" etc. is included.

One serving energy is 175 kcal.

As warming method this time, warm it with boiling water in about 3 minutes.

I put it on the prepared rice. The viscosity of Ru is slightly low, and I am relaxed.

A popular shop beef pork keema curry has been made. There is only spice curry, there is a scent of spice which stimulates nose with tingle.

The ingredients such as ground beef, burdock, bamboo shoots and other ingredients are coming in and the size and amount of ingredients that can not be thought of as retort curry.

When trying to eat, the variety of texture and the curry that you can feel good stimulation like spice. I can feel the stimulation of spicy hot spices, but the pungent taste is not enough to spit out, the drink is not necessary level. The texture and umami of ground beef worked, I felt comfortable with the mouth-watering Shakisaki, the crispy burdock texture.

◆ Selected popular store rich butter chicken curry - Next is "selected and popular store rich butter chicken curry" (open price). It was curry using fresh cream and tomato, founded in a shop in Chiba and supervised by " seniority food sitar " in 1981.

The content is 180 g, and raw materials include "chicken", "fresh cream", "white ru", "tomato paste", "cheese powder" and so on.

One serving energy is 223 kcal.

As warming is the same, warm the retort pouch inside the box with hot water for about 3 minutes ... ...

When I cooked the contents, the inside curry roux was reddish white color. Because it contains fresh cream, the viscosity is the highest among the three products, the color is white, so it looks like white sauce.

It was chosen and popular shop rich butter chicken curry warmed up. In the scent combined with white sauce and cheese, there is a scent of curry spice faintly. The scent of spice is not like stinging a nose like a cow pig keema curry, it gently drifts slightly.

Chicken goes inside as a fixture in a roosted rose.

Sweet and rich white curry when eating. The moment you put it in your mouth is "white sake?" It has a rich sweet flavor and butter and cheese flavor, but rice goes forward with a soft chicken disgusting with a spicy beaten spice and sprinkle that appears afterwards. It was the thickest and creamy finish in the three curries.

◆ Selected and popular store specialty beef curry - Lastly "selected and popular store special beef curry" (open price). It became curry which added a large beef as a ingredient to a sticky curry sauce which made flavored vegetable taste, brown sugar, etc. effective, and it is supervised by the Yokohama curry store " Alpengilo ".

The content is 180 g, and the raw materials include "beef" "honey" "chicken extract" "apple paste" "sugar" "caramel syrup" "processed brown sugar" "fond de bau seasoning", etc. Sweetness And materials to imagine umami line up.

The energy for one person is 168 kcal.

When pouring the roux warmed by hot water for about 3 minutes to the rice, there is no viscosity and it is shabby with the curry sauce with the lowest viscosity among the three curries. The fragrance of European curry like beef stew scented beef roasted from roux drifts.

"Selected and popular store special beef curry" does not seem to contain any ingredients in curry roux ... ...

When you scoop a roux with a spoon, you can see that the big beef is included as a ingredient.

When eating, the jelly sauce has a deep sweet seasoning. I feel sweet with 3 curries whether it is brown sugar or honey. It is slightly fragrant and has little pungent taste. The big beef is soft and juicy enough to be considered a retort. It was sweet and elegant curry was finished.

"Selected and popular shop Beef pork keema curry" "Selected popular shops rich butter chicken curry" "Selected popular shop specialty beef curry" is a supermarket, convenience store, Internet mail order on August 13 (Monday) We are planning to sell on all channels.

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