Finally Virtual YouTuber 'Dennou Shoujo Shiraho' became three-dimensional and became a figure

I went to see that the " Dennou Shoujo Shirai " who exceeded the number of registered subscribers by 510 thousand people has achieved full scale figures and it is exhibited in the Kotobukiya booth of One Festival 2018 [summer] .

Virtual YouTuber "Dennou Shoujo Shiro" scale figure planning in progress

The real thing is like this

I feel that I have finally advanced to reality

Awesome quality and repeatability

Everything in costumes too, the quality is too high

You can see that overall proportions are also messed up well

There is realistic feeling with characteristic costumes

It is also a good feeling from another angle

In addition, we are calling people at the One Fest site with moving videos on local scene Shiratori Girl White

According to the movie, it is "Changing bonus parts expression expression general election being held!" Which determines the reward expression of the scale figure "Shiro"!

Three candidate facial expressions are "doya face" "star eyes" "smile".

In addition, "Nendoroid Dennou Shoujo Shiro" is also released prototype.

Furthermore, comic anthology is on sale on Friday, July 27 whether it is in accordance with this release or accidentally.

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