'BLEACH ENDLESS MEMORIES' which makes super movies from the smartphone that collects the scenes of 'BLEACH'

Boy's Jump 's popular manga " BLEACH " was released live - action film on July 20, 2018, even after the serial series finished in 2016, and the author' s author Kubo Usui posted new weekends for the weekly Shonen Jump , And the order volume production of the super volume graphic illustration " JET " is started, anything is not talked about. A service called " BLEACH ENDLESS MEMORIES " that allows you to easily create and share a memorial movie by linking your favorite scenes from 74 trajectories of such "BLEACH" is released for the limited period until September 30, 2018 I will.

http: // http: //www.j-bleach.com/endless/

If you access "BLEACH ENDLESS MEMORIES" with smartphone, you can enjoy the content. Tap "ON" to enjoy the sounds together.

You can create your own movies by selecting memorable scenes and lines.

On the top page, movies created by other users are playing. I want to make it immediately! So tap "CREATE".

The name scene used for movies can be searched from more than 1,700 lineups. Tap "OK".

First, select the movie's background music. Check "Strawberry" and tap "OK".

At first, the recommendation schedule of the jump editorial department was arranged in order from 1 story to oldest.

By tapping the sort icon, you can change the sorting order from "Final story", "Recommended order", "Order by popularity". Tap "From last episode" ... ...

It became easier to pick up the end of BLEACH and the scene of the final story.

Also, by tapping the search box, you can search for scenes from the characters' names and lines, etc. in free words, as well as the classification of characters such as "Shinigami" "Fractured Surface (Arancal)" and "Death of the Shinigami" "Millennial Blood Battle Edition" You can narrow down by.

Enter the name of the main character · Ichigo and tap the search icon ... ...

The scenes where Ichigo appears are narrowed down. When you tap the scene you want to put in the movie, "01" is displayed like a picture.

When you can select up to 04, tap "OK" to move to the confirmation screen. As the scene can be changed also from the confirmation screen, it is recommended to select for the time being at the beginning.

Since each scene consists of 4 frames each, the movie is completed by connecting all 16 frames.

You can see what kind of frame the selected scene is composed of. In the first selected "Rukia turning sword towards Ichigo", Ikemi pierces the sword in the next frame ... ...

Ichigo who became a shinigami in the third frame got bigger and the fourth frame was up for Ichigo. When you can check the composition of the scene, select the background. Tap the display of the background under the fourth frame.

You can choose the background from 11 different materials. Tap "this world (road)" and set the background.

Also, if the scenes contain lines, tap "TEXT" ......

You can change to a line with only lines.

If you look at the composition of the scene, for example if it is different from the image, you can change the scene by tapping "CHANGE".

When all four scenes can be confirmed, tap "OK".

"Do you want to complete editing?" Is displayed, so tap "OK".

You can share the created movie from "SHARE". Please note that you can not download the movie and you will not be able to view it after the publication period until September 30, 2018.

The movie you tried with "BLEACH ENDLESS MEMORIES" can be seen below. In the following movie, sound does not flow.

BLEACH ENDLESS MEMORIES "that can easily create a movie from the name scene of" BLEACH "I tried putting together the growth of Ichigo - YouTube

If you want to enjoy movies made by other users, tap "GALLERY".

The movie is displayed in the list. Even just watching a popular movie can enjoy it altogether.

BLEACH ENDLESS MEMORIES can be enjoyed from 23rd July to 30th September 2018. BLEACH is jacking the home vision of Roppongi Station on the Toei Oedo Line from Monday, 23rd (Monday) to 29th (Sunday), and that the actually created image will flow.

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