"Conan face maker" that you can freely make yourself the face of suspect character of "Detective Conan"

In celebration that the total sales of popular manga "Detective Conan" boasting the longest serial record of boys' sunday history exceeded 200 million volumes indeed, it can generate the character of the detective ConanConan face maker"Has been released. Conan The character made by the face maker said that there is a chance to be adopted as a suspect in the main part, so I actually tried to make a suspect of Detective Conan.

[Celebration! Takeshi Aoyama 200 million books] Conan face maker | Detective Conan | Boysunday

On the website of Conan face maker is written "200 million books, the culprit is you!", And the author's comments are written.

Scroll down and you will see a banner of "Conan Face Maker" so click.

Then you can select suspects by selecting face, eye, eyebrows, nose, mouth, accessories with the following feeling.

When you click "Change Size and Position" for each part ... ...

It is possible to adjust everything.

When you have finished selecting all the parts, click "Complete".

Then the character is completed. From here you can share it to SNS, clicking on a disturbing sentence saying "I will apply for suspects of 200 million books" ...

Character features such as name, gender, age, comment field, etc. can be entered. If you successfully apply for a character setting and apply, it may be adopted as a suspect of Detective Conan. Whether it was adopted as a suspect or not will be announced as writing of this volume.

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