The smell of coffee has the effect of 'activating brain function by' sniff 'only

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The scent of coffee brewed with freshly ground coffee attracts a lot of people, but the research revealed that the scent has an effect of enhancing the function of the brain.

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Even Just The Smell of Coffee Could Actually Perk Up Your Brain, Study Shows

This research was conducted by a research team at Stevens University of Technology Business School in New Jersey, USA. The experiment was carried out in two stages, and it was investigated how the test results change with the presence or absence of coffee scent.

In the first experiment, 114 subjects chosen from students were divided into two groups, and they answered the test " GMAT " widely used in entrance examination of business school. At this time, the room with one group has the scent of coffee, the other one creates a condition which makes nothing fragrant.

Then the result of the test seems to be that the group who was touching the scent of coffee was staring out "obvious high score". In addition, from the results of the questionnaire answered during the examination at this time, it is also clarified that the expectation for myself that "I can get good grades" is increased only by smelling the scent of coffee . About this result, the research team believes that a kind of "placebo effect" occurred that thinking that 'I am sure it will work' will improve the actual performance.

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Professor Adriana Madzharov, who led the survey, said, "It was not only the scent of coffee that brought good results to people in analytic tasks, they are thinking in a" good way ", which is part of good results It was revealed that it was relatedly related. " The coffee used in the initial experiment was that it contained no caffeine and other irritants and 70.4% of the group was aware of the scent.

In the next experiment, we asked 208 subjects who did not participate in the first experiment. As a result, it was confirmed that the scent of coffee has the effect of causing "caution" and "active" things. On the other hand, it seems that the effect was not seen in the group that gave the fragrance of flowers or the group that did not give scent itself.

Although this survey is relatively small, it will give important information to researchers to understand the effect of scents. It seems to be just about unclear what kind of mechanism actually boosts the ability, but I would like to drink coffee in the sense that it gives me a placebo effect of "switching on smell of coffee" It may be useful as one "ritual" before work.

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