I tried 'Super cup 1.5 times vanilla-flavored creamy seafood taste ramen' which made ramen flavored with vanilla

Seafood taste " Super cup 1.5 times vanilla-flavored creamy seafood taste ramen " that makes vanilla flavor effective for " Ace cook super cup " series of large cup noodles will appear from Monday, July 30, 2018. I tried a cup noodle of unfamiliar combination of adding "vanilla" to "seafood × milk" as soon as possible

Super cup 1.5 times Vanilla-flavored creamy seafood taste ramen New release released on July 30, 2018 | News Releases | Ace cok Co., Ltd.
(PDF file) http://www.acecook.co.jp/news/pdf/1807 _ LSVK.pdf

This is "Super Cup 1.5 times Vanilla Flavored Creamy Seafood Ramen" (210 yen tax). It seems that sweet flavor and taste of vanilla expands all the way through adding vanilla flavored powder to the seafood soup.

Contents amount is 116 g (noodles: 90 g), raw materials such as sugar, emulsified fats, salt, pork extracts line up, items of "vanilla" could not be confirmed.

The energy per meal is 504 kcal.

In the cup there is a green "squeezed powder soup" and a red "post-filler powder soup" to add after adding hot water.

To make it, first turn the lid halfway and add the attached "Powdered powder soup" attached.

There are cabbage, eggs, crab-style kamaboko and so on

I put hot water inside the cup line.

Return the lid and leave it for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, turn the lid off. Noodle, sweet yellow egg and crab kamaboko will suck and boil hot water.

Finally add the attached "post-filler powder soup".

Approximately half as much as you can see, "After-sale powder soup" itself is white and sweet scent of vanilla drifts.

After mixing, "Super Cup 1.5 times vanilla-flavored creamy seafood taste ramen" is completed.

Try drinking white soup slowly, the soup has a creamy taste in addition to the taste of pork, chicken and seafood, finished in rich milk and deep soup. The presence of milk blends the scent of vanilla with nature. Seafood tides and milk, and even vanilla fragrance, it is finished in an exquisite balance.

The noodles are slippery at the mouth, corner blade noodles of the super cup that combines elasticity and smoothness. The smell of creamy soup spreads.

We put all half of the attached "post-filler powder soup" left behind.

The soup becomes more white and the taste becomes more creamy. On the other hand, I feel that the scent of sea food tide has been suppressed, and it seems like the taste of cream stew.

When you sip noodles, the scent of vanilla expands more and the flavor of the soup changes with the addition and subtraction of vanilla-flavored powder, and you enjoyed the taste change with ramen with volume.

"Super Cup 1.5 times vanilla-flavored creamy seafood taste ramen" is scheduled to appear from July 30, 2018 (Monday) at a supermarket convenience store nationwide.

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