More than 2,500 people signed a pledge prohibiting the use of AI for 'autonomous murder weapons', such as Eolon Mask, DeepMind founder, prominent AI researcher

A pledge " Lethal Autonomous Weapons Pledge " that a non-profit organization " Future of Life Institute (FLI)" that conducts activities to ease the risks faced by humankind should avoid using artificial intelligence (AI) for murder weapons Mr. Ellon Mask CEO of SpaceX, Demis Hasabis co-founder Deep Mind, and others who signed up to participate in AI development signed.

AI Companies, Researchers, Engineers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and Other Sign Pledge Promising Not to Develop Lethal Autonomous Weapons - Future of Life Institute

With FLI, it is suggested that developers should voluntarily suppress the development of weapons and weapons with the ability to autonomously kill people, saying that AI's creation of killing weapons is a threat to human beings. It was. Dr. Hawking, now dead, also agreed with the spirit of FLI and was alarming for diversion of AI to weapons.

"Do not make a killer robot" Dr. Hawking and over 1,000 researchers suggested - GIGAZINE

As the role of AI in military systems grows more and more important, citizens, policy makers, national leaders, and others, use the AI ​​in "acceptable areas" and "unacceptable areas" urgent We believe there is a need for. Specifically, weapons that kill people should not be allowed to kill people "without human intervention" by the autonomous judgment of the machine, such autonomous killing weapons are nuclear weapons and biological chemical weapons As well as the use, not only to regulate the development itself, AI engineers should not use AI to develop such weapons.

In the absence of an international framework to regulate autonomous killing weapons, FLI does not wait for the actions of governments and national leaders, non-governmental organizations, such as AI developers, who engage in AI technology, private enterprises, technicians, By publishing it, I issued Lethal Autonomous Weapons Pledge with the aim of constraining the military use of AI.

For those who agree with Lethal Autonomous Weapons Pledge, you can check on the following page.

Lethal Autonomous Weapons Pledge - Future of Life Institute

Mr. Ellon Mask who has been advocating AI threat theory for several years, including Deep Mind co-founder of Mr. Demis Hasabis, Shane Legg, Mr. Masterfa Schleiman, Mr. Jeffrey Dean of Google Research, co-founder of Skype, co-founder of Skype, FLI There are 2512 people and 172 organizations with Lethal Autonomous Weapons Pledge including Jean Tallinn who is co-founder, Professor Stutt Art Russell of the University of California at Berkeley, Professor Joshua Bengio of Montreal University, and so on.

"I am excited to see the AI ​​leaders move from discussion to action and trying to implement policies that politicians could not have done so far," said Dr. Max Degumark, FLI representative. , As the consensus of the signatory, we ask the government and leaders to "create international rules on weapons autonomously killing people".

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