Aim to block human resources outflow to the United States, to establish "AI research hub" in which six European countries conduct joint research on AI

ByJonathan Cohen

In addition to France and Germany, a move towards the establishment of an AI research institution that spans the six countries of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Israel is taking place in Europe. There are situations where excellent AI researchers are pulled out one after another to American companies in Europe, and a group of researchers who feel a sense of crisis in this situation aims to restructure the AI ​​research system in Europe and send letters to governments.

Scientists plan huge European AI hub to compete with US | Science | The Guardian

It is said that America and China are going the cutting edge of AI research in the world right now. It is said that AI which evolves remarkably changes the way of society in the future, and Russian President Vladimir PutinThose who control AI coward the worldAs you can preach, there is the idea that future power balance of the world can be determined by AI technology.

In order to deprive the supremacy of the coming AI era, each country is fighting a battle for acquiring AI engineers. Especially the US has announced annual income of tens of millions of yen classes and gathered AI researchers all over the world one after another, and due to that influence the situation that a young generation of AI researchers is quietly lost is born in Europe It is reported.

'We can not compete': why universities are losing their best AI scientists | Science | The Guardian

A group of European AI researchers who felt a sense of crisis in this situation is advocating the need for European countries to jointly establish a large AI research institution. A letter written with the signature of 12 researchers "Initiative to establish a European Lab for Learning & Intelligent Systems" (initiative to establish European Institute on Learning and Intelligent Systems), pushed by the United States and China In order to break down the current situation, research institution "ELLIS"To strengthen the AI ​​research system in Europe, and summarize the contents calling for the prevention of outflow of human resources.

Initiative to establish a European Lab for Learning & Intelligent Systems

In this letter, "Machine learning is the core of the technical and social AI revolution, it will affect the competitiveness of Europe in the future", and "The most advanced laboratory in the world And brains gather in the United States and investment in AI concentrates in China and the United States, Europe has not been able to keep up with this "and in order to regain this situation," European Lab for Learning & amp ; Intelligent Systems "(European Institute on Learning and Intelligence Systems: ELLIS), it is necessary to set up under the leadership of governments.

Such an attempt has already been carried out in Europe, and a laboratory of particle physics at the border between Switzerland and France "CERN"(European Nuclear Research Organization) is one of them. CERN was established as one of its aims to rebuild physics research in Europe after the end of World War II and to prevent outstanding researchers from flowing out to the United States as well.


Mr. Zubin Garamani, one of the researchers who signed the letter, Professor of Information Engineering at the University of Cambridge, and also Uber's chief scientist, said, "It is necessary to make some form of work, it must be right now" This brings the center of AI research in Europe where 100 people class experts gather from different countries, not 10 people level, "he says the importance of establishing a new research institution.

"Establishment of ELLIS" is that "excellent basic research will be conducted in Europe and machine learning and modern AI will change the world in the way that Europe will shape", "The economic impact and employment in Europe has come from industry It is not concerned about, but it is brought about by outstanding free research. "Two things are listed as a mission.

As a flow of the establishment of a new research institution, it is assumed that France and Germany start joint research first and then countries join together. Although it is said that research institutions do not need a centralized organization, long-term funding by governments is also indispensable. Laboratories located in each country are required to have the same level as at least the same level as the famous German research institution "Max · Planck Institute", and it is estimated that the initial establishment will cost 100 million euros (about 13 billion yen ), And in the first 10 years we will gradually increase the operating funds and ultimately will require a budget of 30 million euros a year (about 4 billion yen). In the letter calling for initiating this initiative within 2018, we urge governments to borrow funds.

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