Does the expansion of the AI ​​industry encourage the development of "AI nationalism"?

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Do web sales etc. of concert ticketsSongkickHe is also CEO of Cambridge University and also conducts AI researchIan · HogarthMr. Mr. has published a blog post predicting that the development of the AI ​​industry will create a new trend called "AI nationalism".

AI Nationalism - Ian Hogarth

Mr. Hogarth believes that the rapid progress of AI promotes the emergence of a new kind of geopolitics and named it "AI nationalism". Since AI technology is a technology related to many aspects such as industries, military affairs, and social systems, the difference in AI technology among countries creates new disparities, and one of geopolitical elements such as oil exporters and oil importing countries It is predicted that it will become one.

AI technology has grown at a speed that exceeds human imagination in the field of image recognition, machine translation technology, games such as Go and Shogi, not only in basic research fields,BaiduSearch engines andFacebookSelection of advertisement target inAmazonIt is applied to the automation of warehousing, and it has made great achievements in the field of business as well.

Mr. Hogarth says there are three major elements about the question "Why does AI influence the state?" First of all, the first point is that the application of AI to commercial applications creates a lot of employment, while possibly depriving the existing profession. While AI can damage the economy, countries that can effectively utilize can gain economic advantages. The second point is that "AI is a military diversion technology, allowing semi-automatic weapons and autonomous weapons". It is possible that a country led by the military and actively investing in AI may gain military hegemony. The third point is that utilization of AI greatly speeds up scientific research in general. It is possible to acquire overwhelming science and technology compared to other countries by positively utilizing AI in research.

It is also a very big AI companyGoogle·Apple· Amazon · Facebook · Baidu ·Tencent·AlibabaAll companies such as US and China concentrate. The influence of the development of the AI ​​industry will be different depending on whether a huge AI company is in its own country or whether it is in a position to be influenced by AI companies abroad. In particular, China has announced that it will focus on the AI ​​industry with a nation, and we are going to further develop our country's AI industry more and more in the future.

A detailed report analyzing AI strategy that China will push towards the realization of "AI Dream" will be released

The fact that there is an incredibly enormous non-state actor in the AI ​​industry will make the interaction between the state and the company complicated. Traditionally in the United States government and military have provided a large amount of funds for research and private companies have undertaken research with government support and have produced products. However, we received criticism from employeesGoogle declares "I do not use AI technology for weapons development"The relationship between the government and the company in the United States, etc., is collapsing because the company has started to have a very strong power.

Meanwhile, in China, we have established a protective regulation for our industry, and as the government aggressively encourages companies to act, Chinese companies will be the only country to compete in the AI ​​industry with the US It made it possible. China's AI strategy is a very ambitious thing and set to become a global leader of AI by 2030 and "Can the corporation use the data of its own people collected by the government easily for AI development" We welcome excellent researchers to China's research facilities with favorable treatment "and so on.

On the other hand, weaknesses in China's AI industry are "semiconductorMr. Hogarth is analyzing that it is. In comparison with the top in the semiconductor field such as the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, China's semiconductor companies are not so big, countries such as Korea and Taiwan between the United States and China can be exposed to geopolitical risks related to semiconductors It is said that there is sex. America is also aware of the superiority in the semiconductor field,QualcommIs a semiconductor company based in SingaporeBroadcomWhen it was about to be acquired by,Presidential Decree Prevent AcquisitionWe actively intervene such as doing.

The top companies in the AI ​​industry are dominated by multinational companies that operate business globally, but the fact that "AI's top companies are based in their own country" has great benefits to the nation I will bring it. Although the two countries of the United States and China monopolize the top companies of AI, companies do business not only in the United States and China, they do corporate activities globally and make profits. On the other hand, most of the taxes paid by the top companies from the world's revenues will be paid only to the US or the two countries with the base.

This "the reallocation of profits is inequitable" is also a factor that increases the geopolitical risk due to the development of the AI ​​industry. A company that supplies the bulk of the AI ​​software brings significant benefits to the country where the base is based, so a country that is economically dependent can not ignore its existence and will not boost the expansion of companies I can not get it. "State dependence on companies will create a new form of colonialism," Hogarth said.

It is a Chinese IT ventureCloudWalk TechnologyIsCooperate with the government of ZimbabweIn June, 2018, in exchange for doing security design of the infrastructure in Zimbabwe, it became possible to collect black face data in the process. Mr. Hogarth predicts that China will steadily push the AI ​​strategy out of the country while the United States will also show a movement to protect its AI industry, saying, "The US antitrust against big companies such as Google and Amazon Measures will not be realized. " Also,Facebook user data was compromisedI was in trouble because of problemsMark · ザ ッ カ ー バ ー グAt the hearing, the CEO says, "Crushing Facebook will boost further growth of Chinese companies"I was preparing a memoAnd that.

So Mr. Hogarth insists that countries other than the two countries of the United States and China only have to leave themselves to the flow. Progress of AI has been promoted by very few people compared to the world population, and there are about 700 researchers contributing to the cutting edge of AI research worldwide. In addition, about 70,000 people are actively working on understanding the technology of AI for business and making great profits, and the remaining 7 billion people are in a position to enjoy the benefits of AI, Hogarth Mr. estimates.

I made an atomic bomb developmentThe Manhattan ProjectHad an impact on too many people compared to the number of engaged scientists and also greatly influenced the subsequent world situation. Mr. Hogarth played a leading role in the Manhattan ProjectRobert OppenheimerYaEnrico FermiIt is pointed out that the existence of talented AI researchers may result in threatening the power balance between the United States and China. Also,Quantum computerSome countries such as the UK, Canada and Singapore may increase their presence in the AI ​​industry, depending on neighboring technologies like the other technologies and other political circumstances.

It is an AI company in the UKDeep MindWas undoubtedly one of the cutting-edge companies in AI, but it was acquired by Google in the United States in 2014,AlphaGoIt was decided to develop worldwide attention. Based on this reflection, as a result of the reflection, the state will increase its protective movement, such as preventing the acquisitions of foreign companies in order to protect its own AI industry, while conversely taking nationalistic actions such as getting on acquisitions of AI companies in other countries Mr. Hogarth thinks he will take it. Mr. Hogarth said that if nationalism goes far beyond, it will have a negative impact on the world, Mr. Hogarth said, "We hope that AI will gradually become a global public good after the movement of somewhat nationalism has become active .

byWilhelm Joys Andersen

In order for AI to be treated as a public good, it is necessary not only that large countries such as the United States and China continue to occupy the pie of the AI ​​industry, but smaller countries such as the UK, Singapore and Canada need to increase voice in the AI ​​industry It is said that. That step isOpenAIBefore being a non-profit AI research organization like AI, it is necessary to think about "how ideal is the development of the AI ​​industry in the long term?" Before creating the worldwide disparity There is, Mr. Hogarth said.

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