Earlon Mask and others seek to ban the use of autonomous murder weapons to prevent robots by the third world war

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Mr. Ellon Mask of Tesla and Mr. Mustafa Suleiman of DeepMind are appealing to the United Nations to "prevent the use of autonomous murder weapons" to prevent the third world battle by robots.

Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for outright ban of killer robots | Technology | The Guardian

In an open letter appealing for the prohibition of the use of autonomous murder weapons, in addition to celebrities such as Earon Mask and Mustafa Suleiman, 116 people experts from 26 countries signed it. The United Nations has resolved to officially start negotiations on autonomous weapons such as drone, tanks, automatic machine guns, etc. Prior to this, the Open Letter that Ellon Mask and other experts should prevent arms race by autonomous homicide robot That's why I sent him.

In the open letter, we warn that autonomous killing robot may become "third revolution in war". Indeed, in the letter it says, "Once autonomous murder weapons are developed, armed conflicts of a larger scale will happen on a time scale that is too early for humans to understand, and that weapons There is a possibility that it will be used as a terrorist to threaten and innocent people of innocent people "" There is not much time left for us to take action and it is difficult to close if this box of Pandora opens " It states that the dangers of autonomous murder weapons are pregnant and that they should establish regulations promptly.


Indeed, some experts have already warned that artificial intelligence (AI) technology can be introduced into autonomous weapons within several years, not decades later. AI technology can also be used to make the battlefield a safer place for soldiers, but if an autonomous attack weapon is born, the threshold for war acting will be low, many human lives will be lost There is also a good possibility.

An open letter was made public at the opening ceremony of the International Artificial Intelligence Conference held in Melbourne and was published in 1983Treaty restricting the use of specified ordinary weapons(CWW) "to add autonomous murder weapons.

Speaking of Earon Mask signing an open letter, he was appealing about the potential threats of artificial intelligence.

"Artificial intelligence is more dangerous than North Korea," Eilon Mask said - GIGAZINE

Furthermore, it helps the establishment of "Non-profit research organization" Artificial Intelligence "OpenAI" to prevent misuse of robot ... ...

A nonprofit research organization of artificial intelligence that prevents misuse of robot "OpenAI" is established by prominent entrepreneurs and investors in IT industry - GIGAZINE

We are also complaining about the dangers of AI with Dr. Stephen Hawking and others.

Artificial intelligence is potentially dangerous than nuclear weapons, Dr. Hawking warns that "Artificial intelligence exceeds humans within 100 years" - GIGAZINE

Besides, Ryan Gallipy, founder of Clearpath Robotics, who develops an autonomous mobile robot, said, "Unlike other potential signs in AI, autonomous weapons systems are already at the forefront of development, It can cause serious harm to innocent people and bring instability to the world, "he says of the dangers of autonomous weapons.

However, in 2015 the British governmentNot to ban the use of autonomous murder weaponsThe British Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that "International humanitarian law already provides adequate regulation in this area".

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