Multiple vitamin supplement proved to be ineffective for heart disease and stroke

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Some people take supplements of multiple vitamins containing multiple vitamins and minerals as prevention of heart disease, but in a new study, "Multi vitamin can not prevent death from heart disease" A survey result was announced.

Multivitamins do not promote cardiovascular health | American Heart Association

Stop Taking Multivitamins to Help Your Heart. Researchers Say They Do not Work.

The research team analyzed 18 studies published so far and investigated the relationship between supplements of multivitamins and minerals with specific cardiovascular problems. Survey coverage was over 2 million data over 5 countries in the United States, Japan, France, Sweden and Germany, with an average data tracking period of 12 years. As a result of this investigation, the research team concluded that "ingestion of multivitamins can not prevent heart attack, stroke, death due to heart disease". The results of the study are consistent with the guidelines of the American Heart Association, which states "We do not recommend using multi-vitamins as a preventive measure for heart disease."

In the United States, taking multivitamin is gaining popularity, it is said that 30% of the American population is taking it. And some of them are taking intake for the purpose of preventing heart disease.

Dr. Joonseok Kim of the University of Alabama who led the research "It was very difficult to convince people that supplements of multivitamins and minerals do not prevent heart disease," "This research result is a multivitamin and mineral supplement I hope that it will help encourage the already-proven methods of "eating fruits and vegetables" "exercise" "to avoid tobacco" which has already been proven to reduce the number of regulars and reduce the risk of heart disease " I will.

by Noah Buscher

Eating a multivitamin or mineral supplement can sometimes harm the body even in moderate amounts. Therefore, people need to cooperate with people who understand the risks of heart attacks and strokes and make preventive plans in a proven way to reduce the risk of heart disease.

In the United States, safety and efficacy are not regulated when supplements enter the market. It is forbidden to label "food" as "diagnosis" "treat" "to sedate" "to prevent sickness" Label that appears to give a healthy effect may be used.

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