It turns out that there is a possibility of `` heart deforming '' if abuse of cannabis



Cannabis is the most widely used recreational drug among drugs. It is estimated that there are over 192 million users worldwide in 2016. However, a large survey of more than 3000 hearts scanned revealed that regular use of cannabis can have serious side effects.

Association Between Recreational Cannabis Use and Cardiac Structure and Function-ScienceDirect

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A research group of Mohammed Kanji, a cardiologist at Newham University Hospital, analyzed images of 3407 British men and women with no history of cardiovascular disease scanned by nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) And compared with the subjects' cannabis use history. Of the 3407 subjects, 47 were cannabis addicts and 105 were addicted to more than five years before the survey. The remaining 3255 people have used little or no cannabis. The sexes of the subjects were 45% for men and 55% for women, with an average age of 62 years.

Analysis revealed that cannabis addicts had a large left ventricle in the heart and tended to show signs of early cardiac dysfunction. He was also likely to be taking antihypertensive drugs. While the left ventricle grew larger, the estimated mass of the entire left ventricle and the amount of blood that the left ventricle drains due to pulsation were not much different from the other groups. Also, no changes were seen in the heart other than the left ventricle.


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Also, the group that used cannabis more than five years ago had the same results as a group of people who had never used cannabis, so the science news site Inverse said, “ Changing cannabis routine. ”Suggests that some of the harmful effects of cannabis abuse can be mitigated.”

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The study group is that 96% of the subjects in this study are white, and the use of cannabis is self-reported, and the effects of smoking and diabetes cannot be excluded. We position it as “preliminary”. “We need to do more research to understand the detailed pathology and the long-term effects of regular cannabis use. You may need to be cautious about using cannabis for that purpose, 'he stressed, and emphasized the need for further research.

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